29 January 2010

Want to read something funny?

I've had a few posts ready for you but none of them has given me that satisfied feeling that makes you click "Publish."

One of my posts discusses an issue in the news this week regarding some of our highest politicians.  I'm sure many of you would agree with me, but just in case anyone didn't agree, or thought my post was about their politics instead of what they've been saying, I didn't post it.  I have no guts like that - I can't stand it when people tear apart what I think with their bare hands.

Another post was detailing the food we ate on Australia Day, but the company was better and we didn't get photos of them (nor ask if they would feature on the blog) so I've put that on the back-burner.

Another post was written in haste today after I picked Nat up from school.  I had a lovely conversation with the Crossing Supervisor on the way in, and on the way out she said something to my son that made me come home, switch on my computer and compose a post that started with "Dear Crossing Supervisor," and went downhill straight after that.  I didn't post it, but neither did I kill the Crossing Supervisor, so the unposted post served its purpose.

Tonight I read a post by Mama Kat that made me laugh out loud.  It's funny, and I wish I'd written it, but not had the experience that led to it.

Go on - there's nothing exciting happening at Killing A Fly tonight - head over to
and read that instead!


Emily Sue said...

Oh, that was definitely laugh-out-loud funny!

I'd still like to see the crossing supervisor letter, though...

Swift Jan said...

Quite hilarious really!!

Now, I am dying to hear about what the Lollipop lady said to Nat!?

Marcia said...

That is hilarious, thank you for my tears.

:) Marcia

The Working Mum said...

I REALLY want to know what happened with the crossing supervisor!