31 January 2010

Blog Template D-R-A-M-A!

I have enjoyed fiddling with my template for Killing A Fly, but at the moment, I am letting it sit so I can decide if I like what I've done with it or not.  I decided to fiddle instead with the template of Anna-Lucia's personal blog (the one that's a bit of a secret which is why you haven't heard of it.)

Well!  After fearing I'd ruined the whole thing, I managed to cut and paste a template that was working for me at Killing A Fly, then put some jpgs I'd made with http://www.scrapblog.com/ and Photoshop into the HTML code and I was mightily relieved I hadn't ruined the whole thing, afterall!

Behold, the fruits of my labour:

Oh my.  It is so pretty, I love it so much!

I wonder if I should use http://www.scrapblog.com/ for Killing A Fly as well as the Photoshopping I'm doing?  I might lose the dull edge that it's got going at the moment.

Once I've revamped Nat's and Joseph's blogs, and finally decided on something for my own, I will get back into some seriously interesting blogging.

Oh, and once something seriously interesting happens over here, that is!


CraftyMummy said...

It's beautiful!! Love the photo. Love the colors. love the strawberry. Very cute!

Swift Jan said...

I wouldn't mind stealing Anna-Lucia's blog for my own! It's beautiful!!

Btw I am loving the kafwauiptwttd blog template at the moment, the side bars thingy's (with the photos) are extremely cool!

Jen said...

I really like what you did to Anna's blog but please don't mess with this one. I LOVE your design. :)

Tracy P. said...

Holy cow, could that really be more gorgeous??? I'm having sidebar envy. I've never figured out how to do those.

CynthiaK said...

It's lovely!! You are so talented. How do you have time to do such brilliant stuff! Send some of those creative vibes this way, please.

BTW, I love love the strawberry. So sweet.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Very cute and she is just gorgeous!