25 January 2010

It's great to be us!

"What's going on across the road?"

"Oh, it's those de Elbas."

"What about them?"

"That great lady plumber and two blokes with a ditch digger are there."

"It's sure making a mess of their lawn."

"Sure is.  Story goes, for the third time since they moved in nine months ago, they got a damp patch of ground.  Out the back this time.  And the damp patch turned into a bog and they knew they had to call the plumber.  Again.  That's five times now - three burst underground pipes and twice for a dodgy toilet."

"So why the ditch digger?"

"They decided to replace the whole pipe from the meter to round the back where the main intake is."

"Sucks to be them."

"Certainly sucks to be them.  They've had the water off for three days now, only turning it on for a few minutes at a time to flush the toilets, have showers and fill up the kettle and their water bottles."

"Let's hope it's fixed now, keeping the children out of the bog wouldn't be all that easy."


"I bet the children are watching that ditch digger at work out the back."

"Well if they are, I bet the little girl has her hands over her ears."

"They're nice kids aren't they?"

"They're great kids."

"Hm.  Maybe it doesn't suck to be them."

"Maybe not."


Heather said...

I fear this is in our future - the digging up of lawns to put in all new pipe from house to water main out at the street...............

We just replaced our sump pump in the basement over the weekend after I discovered an inch or so of water covering the basement floor Friday night and an eerily silent sump. Adding insult to injury are the dozens - hundreds possibly - of root ends that were waving gently too and fro from out of the pipe ends that connect up to the pump's well. We're fairly certain that those root ends portend Very Bad Things in terms of compromised water lines, hence our probable spring/summer project of Digging Up the Yard.

Hooray for home ownership!

CynthiaK said...

Yikes! That is one of those things that really does totally suck to have to do but absolutely has to be done. At the very least, your kids got to watch a show in the yard!

Hope it's all fixed and there are no more troubles!

Tracy P. said...

At least it was some good entertainment. Albeit not cheap entertainment. And provided some great photo material. I love the silhouette!

Sucking is in the eye of the beholder I guess. ;-)

Swift Jan said...

Not so much fun, but soon it will be over :) BTW Anna is so cute with her hands over her ears !

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Oh, you are such a clever girl!!! No, it couldn't possibly suck to be them!

Hairline Fracture said...

I love that last pic with A-L's hands over her ears.

The Working Mum said...

I love this post =)

It doesn't suck to be you!

Emily Sue said...

Great to be you AND great to be friends with you!

Also, I'm delighted by the straightness of those trenches...

Crazy Sister said...

2010 will bring intermittent patches of suckiness, broken up by (surely) some un-sucky moments.

Pray it's over!

Hippomanic Jen said...

But the main thing - is the water working now?

(And please tell me you liked the pun, or was it a futile gesture?)

veiledturnip said...

Well said. Hope there's no more visits from lovely plumber lady.

Givinya De Elba said...

Ha Ha Hippomanic Jen, I got it but for me, MOST puns are futile gestures!

G3 said...

Well, we came home, used our toilet, and thought sympathetically of you ;-) Hope it's all fixed now!