28 January 2010

Flat Out

School - afternoon tea - play - dinner - bath - bed.

I've been wondering how this will work.  At the moment, it's NOT.

Like many Prep kids, Nat gets pretty tired at the end of a hard day [playing].  And of course this happens:

Today he fell asleep in the middle of a tantrum as part of Exhausted Cranky-Butt Disorder at 5:00pm.

Now to confuse the issue, at 6:00pm Joseph refused to sleep, so I kept him awake until about 7:00pm.  Anna-Lucia was raging on a little late too, and I was wrestling her to bed at 8:00pm.

And that's when I saw Nat - emerging from his room bleary-eyed but certain to wake up fully.  (Oh, I was so tired, and I could taste freedom, with Anna off to bed!  I forgot to mention that Mr de Elba was working very late too, so I was flying solo.)

It's now 9:30 and I don't think he will sleep again before 10:00 at the earliest.  That'll be great the night before another day at school.

I was wondering how to avoid this particular vicious circle [I started wondering this during the last year when Nat was at kindy], and I'm still wondering. 

If you have any suggestions, I am sure to have tried them already.  I most probably have already found that they work about 30% of the time. 

And then there are days like today.


Emily Sue said...

Hmmm. Tricky. Could you perhaps let him sleep but wake him up after 20 minutes - make it a power nap? Not sure if that works with kids but might be worth a try.

Swift Jan said...

no answers sorry

Emily Sue said...

Or... perhaps when he crashes like this you could run into his room shrieking "Nooooo!! For the love of all that's holy, NOOOOO!!!! I need to sleeeeeeeeep! You're killing me!"

Err... no??

Joy said...

I know at both my daughters Kindergarten they would have rest time for the first few months of school as these kids weren't use to going all day. It was usually just after lunch and recess. Maybe ask the teacher about that. some kids would fall sound asleep and others would sit there. Bless his little heart, I love his uniform. What a nice colorful outfit they let them wear. Ours are quite boring over here compared to his.

Heather said...

Ugh. I won't offer any suggestions, since you have tried them all already.

Okay, one: a nice shot of espresso first thing in the morning for Nat?


I'd suggest it for you yourself but you don't need Joseph ingesting that sort of caffeine........

In our house, we tend to push through the Exhausted Cranky-Butt Disorder-related tantrums and keep her up until the earliest possible time that could be considered a decent bedtime, then off she goes.

Which, I know, is easier said than done sometimes.

ACK! I just want to keep making suggestions, must refrain...

I shall instead wish you extra reserves of patience and fortitude during this period of adjustment, my friend.


Givinya De Elba said...

Thanks for your ideas, my good friends!

Emily Sue - I've tried waking him up, but it's impossible! Once he's hit the pillow at THAT time of day, you can talk to him, gently shake him, pick him up, walk around with him, sit him upright at the table ... and CLUNK his little head flumps down onto the table. The only way to wake him is to get BOTH of us undressed and get into the shower. I'm usually trying to prepare dinner with two other small and cranky children - some things are just too difficult to arrange. I liked your second suggestion, but he would sleep through that!

Hey Joy - They had a rest time in Kindy and he used that to fall into a sleep that was just as deep. IT was a problem too for the nighttime sleep. And I was delighted when he stopped using rest time to actually SLEEP. Yet the end of the day was & is still a problem.

Hi Heather - I keep him up if at all possible, but geez, sometimes, he's in such a bad mood it's not worth it! Even with the 10:00pm bedtimes. I can't seem to make dinner and manage Joseph, Anna-Lucia and a Cranky-Butt-Disordered Nat. I want to work out how to do this but so far, it's been my Waterloo.

However you gave me an idea - ESPRESSO IN THE LUNCH BOX!! This was truly inspired, and would be the only thing that would work if I ever actually did it!

Heh heh.

Scurrette said...

Not likely... if it's anything like my boys school they will send it home with a note saying how *unsuitable* that is for a prep kid.

So far we aren't allowed poppers or muesli bars. What the? Poppers, ok - but muesli bars??? My claws are coming out.

We have only had half days this week, so I'm sure I'll be joining you in the cranky butt fun next week.


Hairline Fracture said...

Some friends of mine had the same issue with their kids and as the children eventually got used to the long day, they stopped falling asleep. I'm sorry I'm of no practical help since Miss Pink stopped taking naps at 2 1/2 years old. It was great at school but nearly killed me on the days when she was home.

Mr. Blue is my napper (3 hours if you let him!) but for now he still goes to sleep at 9. I'll pray for your sanity.

CraftyMummy said...

I hear you! Some cranky butts here too! Always when Daddy has to work late.

I'm going to go with the 2nd suggestion of Emily Sue with some threats thrown in: Noooooooo! Don't you dare go to sleeeeep, or I'll......! (can't share the threat because not really a good mothering example to set for others)

I'll let you know how it goes;-)

Crazy Sister said...

That's pretty rough. We managed with a lot of tv watching in the afternoons, so he was getting rest and inactivity. When he started to nod off (and I had to be there to notice!) I handed him a snack. Terrible strategy, I know. But at least he found it hard to go to sleep with an iceblock on his cheek! Ha ha ha. Nat sounds like a more dedicated napper, though. Best of luck.