23 January 2010

Numerous and Various

October 2007, Nat was 2 years 7 months.  He was getting tired and emotional but it was nowhere near sleep time so I decided to calm him down with some TV.  I said, "What would you like to watch?  We have Wiggles, Noddy, Bob the Builder, Peppa Pig, Veggie Tales ... actually, we have VARIOUS!"  Nat began to cry.  "I don't LIKE "Various!" he stormed.
And so on with the Numerous and Various.

1. Nat's holiday uniform (remember Aussies say 'holiday' when Americans say 'vacation.' It's not like we're still having Christmas.)

2.  Anna-Lucia's holiday uniform

3.  Nat's nearly-back-to-school-time uniform, worn each day and to bed for two nights this week, and to the shops on Saturday morning.  I am liking the orange!  Unique!

4. Veggies

5.  Somebody should brush that little girl's hair

6.  Raspberry Tiger, arranged so it looks like an orange Brilliant is aiming to crush its spirit.

7. Gold Bunny, cruelly broken from the main plant by an unco-ordinated woman taking the dog for a walk at 5:00am, who tossed the newspaper towards the side gate but missed the mark and took out a new long stem of the Gold Bunny instead. Goodbye to the new growth and four of the five buds I was so looking forward to. (The unco-ordinated woman was me, in case you missed that.)

8. Double Delight, arranged haphazardly, stood in front of my computer screen with the skylight above, some slight soft focus and saturation of colour in 'post' (Picasa, because I'm too tired for Photoshop.)
I would have loved more black around the edges, but my computer screen is only so big.  I'm sure that Tracy P could clone some black though, and put it onto an increased canvas size.

9. Plumbers and doctors: Yes, you did read right. In a town where I cannot find a lady doctor, I have myself a totally awesome lady plumber. She's great. And my man doctor is turning out okay too.

10. To "veiledturnip" - firstly you have the best screen name I've ever heard. Secondly, I did call Koinonia Medical Center twice in the past but their books were closed ... hmm. Maybe they were just closed for ME? Maybe you've had more luck than I have, and recently? Maybe you ARE Dr Alison Brown, and are offering to have my family on your caseload? Hm? If so, thankyou! How kind.

11.  To Emily Sue - I had made vague noises late last year of being on the creche roster at church, but decided against it as A-L didn't even want to stay in creche when I was in there with her!  What a waste of time!  Church probably checked their records and saw that she'd attended approx 10 times, but didn't know that she'd made it to the end only once or twice.  I'm just saying though, to receive a roster in the mail would have been softened a little if it had an accompanying note saying "We see Anna-Lucia has attended ... At our church it is usual that parents of children who attend are on the roster ... We've taken the liberty of putting your name down ... Is that okay?"  And while we're at it - why is it automatically the mother?  Why don't they put fathers' names down, or "Father/Mother", to give us the option?  But no, only women have to miss church to look after children, like we never get a chance to have kids around us the rest of the week.  "Hey You - you've got saggy breasts - you can do the job."  Ugh.  Why did I start on this topic?

12.  To Boomer - I've been on various BP medications for nearly two years now, and the particular med changes according to whether I'm pregnant, breastfeeding or not.  Never fear, I am being looked after!  Sometime my body asks for a change, that's all.  "Creche" is the nursery at church, yes.  And it wasn't really sadness/joy at seeing Nat go off to school - it's joy-joy-excitement-pride-joy!  He can't wait, as evidenced by his non-stop school uniform wearing the week before the first day of school!  What a cool kid.

13. To Tracy P - Yes, it was tremendously cathartic to write it all out.  As soon as I hit "publish" I had the strength to make a doctor's appointment, get out of the house while the water was off, and combine the school-uniform-buying trip with the doctor.  Blogging is great!

14. To Crafty Mummy - You asked if you could help.  Hmmmm ...  I'm two centimetres away from asking if you'd make an art smock for Nat for school.  Would you?  I'd give you some $$.

15.  To Scurrette - Do you travel to Greenslopes from your current home?  Wow.  That's dedication.  But when you've got a good doctor, it's great to keep him/her.  My old one offered to keep me on, she said it was only an hour down the highway.  And how many times have I nearly going to see her since moving up here?  Heaps!  Push has never come to shove though.

16. To Hippomanic Jen - Yes, we have often lined our Worry Horses up in the past, haven't we?  It takes time for a doctor (or speech pathologist) to build up a consistent caseload, and as Dr Mwilambwe said to me the other day, until a doctor gets a fair number of elderly or chronic patients, things can be a little quiet.  Reminds me of my own working years in between the baby-raising years.

17.  To BB - you are wonderful!  I will really try to do these 2 times on the roster, who knows, it might be just wonderful!  But my suspicion is that A-L will always call the shots to up & leave ... however if she were to be allowed with your big girl and Nat in their class, I'm sure A-L would stay until the end, every day!

18. To The Working Mum - you make a good point.  A fear of dying of a stroke in the middle of Boyswear is a little irrational.

19. To Crazy Sister - I like that particular horse in light blue.  Good choice.

20. To the rest of you - glad to give you a smile.


sewfunbymonique said...

I wanted you to know that I have just been praying for you! You list stressed ME out, I can't imagine how you feel! Beautiful pics in this post~ love the one with Anna & the rose!

CraftyMummy said...

Of course I can make you (and Nat) an art smock. I figuring not pink... maybe orange or blue... or maybe whatever colour we find an old Daddy's shirt in;-)

Marcia said...

Wow ... pretty full on, glad you got it outta your system, bet it feels better.

PS: and I hear you about church creche, apparently only mums are good at it.

:) Marcia

Emily Sue said...

At my work the creche roster (which is VOLUNTARY) only contains surnames, so that in the case of married couples they can choose on the day whether the mum or the dad does it.

Glad that blogging is cathartic. I find it that way myself. :)

Tracy P. said...

I'm so glad things are getting resolved. You reminded me that I did read a tutorial once on how to stretch a canvas, but having the motivation to actually TRY it (especially when your photo already looks great!) is really such a long shot.

Keep the summer (and super-hero) pictures coming--I can use a few warm thoughts right now! The sleeping super-heroine is priceless!

Lauren said...

Hello hello! I haven't been around in eons....I'm so sorry. It seems I have quite a bit of catching up to do! While I do that though, I just want to say your pictures are lovely, and clearly you have super children. :)

Hairline Fracture said...

Lovely pictures of the Various! My two love dressing up as superheroes. I should probably buy Mr. Blue a new outfit though, as he currently wears Miss Pink's Supergirl costume. ;-)

Crazy Sister said...

"You have saggy breasts - you can do it!"


veiledturnip said...

Unfortunately I am not Dr Brown. If I were, I would come to you for a house visit worried that your horses may stampede at the office! Sorry that you had no luck getting in, I must have joined during a quiet period! Glad your male Dr with the unprounceable surname is turning out okay.
A woman plumber hey! What are the chances of that!
I certainly think that you shouldn't be expected to do creche, a note is not too much. AND seeing you have a bub - you should be excused for sure.