19 November 2009

Who were those two boys?

You were amazing! I just can't see resemblances and similarities, so I think you're quite *magical* to be able to get most of your guesses correct!

Joy was so near, yet so far - she got 8/10, only mixing up numbers 5 (who was Nat) and 10 (who was Joseph). The clue in number 5 is that the baby is sucking a flannelette wrap. Little did I know it would gravitate to this:
It seems that the worry is not that the little sister will copy you (for she certainly will) but that the dolls may pick up the fabric-sucking habit as well.

Hippomanic Jen got 4/6 right. That's still better than I would have done. She just mixed up the little faces in numbers 6 and 9.

Tracy P and I just sat by and watched the rest of you amaze us with your baby-recognition skills.

The Accidental Housewife was close too! She didn't hazard a guess at which group of pictures was of which baby, but she was completely right except for Number 9, who was Doe-feff looking a little slimmer in the face, like Nat.

But the amazing Rachie-Rach won the day with 100%. I can't wait for her to begin her own blog. In real life she is one of my closest friends, and in my bloggy world she is my most loyal and dedicated lurker. I am extremely chuffed to have my second comment from her!

Pity she didn't comment yesterday. She could have won a light.


Heather said...

Shoot, I would've taken a stab at it, but the time difference meant I didn't see the first post until you'd already revealed the answers.

Then again, I would've been pretty wrong, so perhaps it's better I didn't guess. I don't look as bad this way.


Givinya De Elba said...

Sorry Mrs Heather! I try to post each 24 hours but I'm all out of whack.

Jodie said...

Rats, rats, rats. I was 100% right too! (you believe me right?) but my stupid modem kept dropping out as I tried to post my comment. I tried twice and then gave up. And same thing happened when I tried to enter competition! Stupid modem hates the crazy weather. Ah well, next time :-)

Joy said...

Awww, I should have picked up on the clue. But the 2 big pictures on the right made me think there was one of each. Pretty tricky there Miss. Givinya.

That was fun. Hey I did pretty good considering I've never seen these two sweeties in person.

Givinya De Elba said...

Yes, sorry about those 2 big pictures both being of Joseph. I kept shuffling my pictures in the collage Picasa wwas making, but it wouldn't put any but those in the two big spots. somthing to do with the dimensions of my new pictures I think.

And Jodie - I am so sorry! I would have love to get your comments! Drat.