22 November 2009


So it happened like this:

Shrek said that Ogres have LAYERS. Donkey said that onions stink, and what about cakes, because cakes have layers and everybody likes cake. Shrek said he didn't care what everybody likes, and that Ogres are not like cakes. And Donkey suggested that everybody loves parfait ...

Anna-Lucia watched it a thousand times and now says countless times a day that ogres like onions, and they don't like cakes, "but WE DOO!!!"

Nat said that it was that ogres ARE LIKE [similar to] onions, not that they LIKE [enjoy eating] onions, and conversely that they ARE NOT LIKE cake. Because he can't leave well enough alone.

And Anna-Lucia went on undeterred about Ogres not liking parfait, even though she didn't know what parfait was.


I decided that we needed to research parfait, because you never know, we [Mummy] might learn something. We looked up parfait on taste.com.au and found the pictures for many recipes. We discussed the ingredients and the different LAYERS that each parfait had.

And now, parfait dominates our thoughts, menus and grocery shopping lists.

Picture an impossibly tiny two year old girl wolfing down her dinner, and as she puts the final mouthful away she declares, "I'm finished! I can have parfait now!" Easy for her to say. First I heard about parfait for dessert!

Well. Long story short (oops, too late) this is what we had for breakfast this morning.


A layer of mango yoghurt, a layer of banana, a layer of mango, a layer of strawberry, a layer of kiwi fruit and another layer of mango yoghurt.

"Num num num, can I have more parfait?"

Oh sweetheart. I think I need a little lie down.


The Accidental Housewife said...

I cannot hear the word parfait without immediately mentally hearing Donkey. I don't think I have actually ever eaten it, but by the looks of yours, I would love it! Yum =)

Rachie-Rach said...

Coming up for my 3rd comment here - woohoo!! Are they the latte glasses we gave you? Glad to see they're being put to good use!!

Swift Jan said...

Why is it that big brothers cant leave well enough alone?

Givinya De Elba said...

Yes Rach, the very same! They get used so much! We love 'em.

Mrs Accident, if we lived closer we'd have to get together for coffee and parfait!

S-Jan, I see there's a "big brother" at your house! Ah, what can you do?

CynthiaK said...

Isn't it hilarious that our lives become dominated by references to animated films? Plus, whenever we do our Shrek references (which also happen often) we take special pride in the fact we can all use Scottish accents to play Shrek. So great.

Those parfaits look delectable. No onions in sight. No wonder everyone loves parfait.

Jen said...

Yum. Yum. Indeed!

Anonymous said...

I love Shrek and I love parfaits!

Nana Tantrum

Cazbam said...

Oh your parfaits look delightful!!! Yummo... Too bad I'm allergic to mangoes!!

Crazy Sister said...

Oh yum. Sigh. No parfaits here.