26 November 2009

Sailing on the Solway Lass

Oh people, thankyou for your kind words but I really didn't make it sound the way I wanted to!

I love that Mr de Elba can go away on these amazing camps. Yeah, sure I don't get to go myself often, but I love that he can. I feel like I'm a part of what he does in his work, and so I feel a part of the fun that his work involves!

I just sometimes like to wryly point out that he is sailing around the Whitsundays while I'm worrying about the Mud Mess in the yard, or he's gone to the Global Leadership Summit while I'm doing the Mummy Thing at home.

But deep down, I'm glad that on our behalf he can go and enjoy the perks of his job. (Can I stress that in most cases leaders pay their way on SU camps? Don't want it to sound like we're freeloading or anything.)

Well again it's late and I'm aware that if in the morning I am so smashed I fail to get out of bed, Mr de Elba will not be there to save Joseph from crying so hard he will burst into flames. So off I must go.

Good night.


Tracy P. said...

But the important question is, did you take PICTURES of the Mud Mess before you cleaned it up? You could possibly use them to your benefit someday.

CynthiaK said...

That last line made me visualize Baby Jack Jack bursting into flames in the Pixar short cartoon from the Incredibles called Jack Jack Attack. I hope you're not as wrecked as Kari the babysitter in that little film after being on your own in that Mud Mess!

PS, if you haven't seen the cartoon I'm speaking of, Google Jack Jack Attack and you'll be able to find the under five minute cartoon bit somewhere.

The Accidental Housewife said...

I thought of JackJack too!
My mate was calling her unborn baby JackJack as a joke (because he kicked alot) with the intention of him being a Christopher when he came out. But after the birth her husband lifted him up and said "Hi Jack Jack" and so Jack it was. I want to be there when they explain to Jack why they named him after a psycho burning baby.

I understood what you meant about Mr de Elba. I often feel the same!