25 November 2009

He loves me

Today was challenging. Especially the late afternoon, when I noticed that Anna-Lucia hadn't slept a wink all day (a first for her) and Joseph was getting very tired.

Nat and his little friend were playing so nicely, each sitting on an end of the glide swing and chatting.

I left the big boys to their playing and chatting and decided to bath the little kids. Anna-Lucia was her usual strong-willed self (did you know that if you lift her into the bath, she will protest strongly and climb out, just so that she can climb back in again by herself?) and screamed "Let go-a-me!" repeatedly as I washed her hair. I did however get her and Joseph clean, but half-way through the bathing process, I noticed it was quiet.

Too quiet.

How quickly can you bath and dress two small children? I knew something was wrong, and indeed, it was MUD. I won't go into it. But it was (and still is, out there) BAD.

After the playdate (thick brown water settling in the bath as I type) I discovered that my three children had all uncovered the secret of perpetual motion. When usually on a Wednesday, they would be falling asleep dirty and unfed before their dinner and bathtimes, today they kept going and going and going ... and going. And going.

I don't know how they kept finding their second wind and their third wind and their fourth wind. But as I felt my own energy flagging to dangerously low levels, all three of them showed no sign of slowing down.

In an attempt to attend to the crying Joseph as quickly as possible, I tried to slam down a banana muffin. I gave myself a case of hiccups so violent that once I'd got Joseph happily drinking milk, he was unable to drink or settle to sleep at all.

Suck suck suck ... eyes shut ... suck suck ... HIC! Frightened eyes open. Darn.

Again and again and again.

And then I got a text:

"Sailing into the sunset on 'Solway Lass'. Turning phone off now. I love you!"

Well. He loves me. That's all that matters.

The Solway Lass


Long dark hair, blue eyes said...


maybe in future he will think up new and different ways of showing you how he loves you? like looking after the kids by himself while you sail into the sunset on a beautiful boat? or staying home?

Crazy Sister said...

I bet it was tempting to yell at the phone as you threw it across the room: "You take your love and shove it up your Solway LASS!"

The Accidental Housewife said...

There is something in the air today! Baby had just one nap today, then stayed up two hours past her bedtime, and so did her two little friends! Someone should get a research grant to find a cure.

I think I have done exactly the same thing with a banana muffin and hiccups, too. That made me lol. I tried to think of it as getting my own back after her in utero hiccups kept me up night after night.

My Mum went on the Solway Lass a few months ago. If it's any consolation, she said it was GORGEOUS ;)

Swift Jan said...

LOL @ crazy sister's comment!

He does love you & that matters lots.... :)

Jen said...

I was going to say something like what Crazy Sister said but she said it much better than I could of so I will just say, ditto. ;)

Anonymous said...

And at the end of the day what matters is that text...he does love you.

Nana Tantrum

Crazy Sister said...

Well, yes, what I meant to say was that it's great he absolutley loves you, and isn't it wonderful that his mostly difficult job has it's rewarding moments from time to time, and it won't be long at all until his wonderful self returns to the family fold, and one day YOU'LL be sailing away for a few days, and it's a wonderful life in spite of mud!

But I got carried away in the moment. I love you, Mr de Elba, if you're reading...