08 November 2009


This is gonna be a funny post. I'm guessing you'll all think I'm crazy because I am doing a step-by-step coooking post on how to prepare our favourite breakfast - porridge (oatmeal). Everyone knows how to cook this and the inclusions are pretty basic, so who really needs a step-by-step post showing how to do it?


So why do it at all? To test out my new camera of course. To see if I can take pictures of food that don't make you want to 'pass', and head down the local fish&chip shop instead.

Not that you'd have fish & chips for breakfast.

But I digress.

I also want to show you how we like our porridge, because a lot of people don't like porridge. Swift Jim, for example. He says it's just gruel to him. And I have to admit, a steamy pot of this is not all that appetising:

But think of all those unsweetened complex carbs - too good to waste surely? We go through a lot of oats at our place, and this is what we do with them.

You'll need:

Step 1 is pretty important. If you stuff this up, you'll only be correcting it later on. It makes perfect sense to do this right the first time.

You have to spoon some porridge into the bowls so it can cool down while you do the next steps. But it is quite important that you spoon it into the RIGHT bowls, and have the RIGHT spoons waiting. In this example, we have the Bunny-Rabbit bowl and the Bunny-Rabbit Spoon, and behind them we have the Stripey bowl with the normal dessert spoon. Very important.

Next you need to mash up a ripe banana. We go through a lot of bananas at our place. See how yummy? See how yellow? It is my belief that the more you mash a banana, the sweeter it gets. I think this is most probably incorrect and stupid. But I still like to think it.

The children are used to waiting the extra 5 minutes for their breakfast, but they still get a bit bored, sitting at the table while I mash banana.

Add the mashed banana to the porridge with some sultanas ('raisins' in the US). We go through a lot of sultanas at our place.

Mix it up well, and add a sprinkle of cinnamon on the top. Smile at young children's pronunciation of cinnamon. We go through a lot of cinnamon at our place.

And now for the Grace.

"Thankyou for the world so briiight...
Thankyou for the stars at niiight...

Thankyou God for ...

Please bless the food,
Thankyou for the food...

And now for this bit:

Ah yes. Very good Mum.
And I of course am irrationally proud of myself for getting those complex carbs into them, using only fruit sugar to sweeten it. Yummo.


Femina said...

Yum. YUM. I love porridge, except that I buy already-flavoured-with-fruit, full-of-sugar-and-not-very-healthy, cook-in-the-microwave variety. I also make it with soy milk and make it a lot thinner/runnier. More like gruel, in fact, but very delicious gruel... but I'm sure that the porridge purists would have a fit if they saw my breakfast!

Swift Jan said...

You make porride look so fun!! I like you pictures too btw... especially the one of the cinnamon, banana and sultanas :)

The Accidental Housewife said...

I know you were practicing food photography, and they look so good I'm VERY hungry now, but my favourite picture is the turtle. I love it!!

Tracy P. said...

Your camera takes gorgeous pictures. It gets a lot of excellent help from the photographer.

Oo! Yook! Love the turtle, and the way Anna-Lucia talks.

Jen said...

Now I know what I am going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks!

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh Tracy you're too kind - the natural light under our skylight is stil a little too dull, and that's why I get blurry photos! But when you manage to snap a dummy (pacifier) turtle, you ignore the blur and go with it.

Crazy Sister said...

What a great turtle.