02 November 2009

Can't figure her out

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. But sometimes, it errs on the side of the worst of times.

Still, it's better than a poke in the eye with uncooked spaghetti. (I am speaking from experience.)

Take a few nights ago for example. Anna-Lucia was getting ready to have a bath. I was busy undressing Joseph and she was trying to get her shoes off. She started screaming and whinging.

Me: What's the matter Anna?
Anna: I can't get my woe-kwoe (velcro) off! Grr!
Me: Do you need any help?
Anna: NO! I will do it! Grrr! Get my woe-kwoe off Mummy!

I ignored the lack of manners and went to help. I saw that she actually had got the velcro off, but that she hadn't got her shoe off. I took it off for her.

Anna: NO! Don't take it off! I need to take it off! Grr!

She then struggled to get it back on, in order to take it off herself. And of course she couldn't do it.

Me: Can I put it back on for you?
Anna: Yes! Grrr!
Me: Well I'm not going to.

For by then I was in the mood to taunt her. Is that so bad?


Swift Jan said...

hehe glad my girl isn't the only one who does this!

CraftyMummy said...

There are times when I feel like I have a conversation like this almost everyday - and yes, I end up in a bad mood too. Must learn to be the grown-up... one day!

The Accidental Housewife said...

Wow, all these things for me to look forward to! I guess it wouldn't help if I told you that little interchange sounded painfully cute? Hmm, didn't think so ;)

Givinya De Elba said...

It was a bit cuter than the other quote of the day: "Mum your dinner makes me want to vomit!"

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

that is cute! I cane only assume she means it makes her want to vomit because it is so delicious that she will want to eat too much and then she will fell ill?

And taunting is completely justified!

Givinya De Elba said...

Not "she" - HE in that case. Sigh. It comes from all angles.

Tracy P. said...

You know, I feel exactly the same way she does sometimes. I want to do it all, do it all myself, and do it all well, but sometimes I just can't. And it makes me mad. And I occasionally have a tantrum over it. Thanks for this little look in the mirror. I think that just maybe I am now old enough to learn from this little exchange. We'll see.

Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

aaah, girls are so fun :-)

Jen said...

I go through this same thing with Claire. All.The.Time.

Love the 'painted toes'.

Hairline Fracture said...

Ah yes. At the moment Mr. Blue is screaming in his room because he doesn't want to try his dinner. Fine, we said, don't eat it until you're hungry. He'd rather scream.

CynthiaK said...

One of the best parts of reading other mom blogs is that I feel so much better about myself. I have confirmation that craziness, embodied in little people, resides in many other homes around the world. And that many other moms have the same reactions to these little people that I do.

Thanks for making me feel better. I can always count on you for this. :)

By the way, those are some cute toes.

stefanie said...

I have a feeling this could have been many of the conversations I had with my mom many, many years ago.

Love this photo and the words. So sweet to me now that my girls paint within the lines. Make it into a greeting card and I will buy.

Crazy Sister said...

Peanut has been talking about cousin Anna-Lucia.

"Annoo-Ceela loves she's baby Jfofeff, and Annoo-Ceela bites she's blanket."

Sassy Britches said...

I like that she says, "Grrr!" after everything. I mean, if I was THERE with you, I probably wouldn't like it. But, here on my comfy couch across a few oceans, I like it.

Louisa said...

This post cracked me up - my daughter already does this and she's only 18months. My turn to say "grrrr" me thinks!