15 November 2009

Okay, maybe I don't have Sand Regret. But maybe I should.

Thanks so much for your encouragement after yesterday's post. I've always said that I have a great broom, and the children only have one childhood.

Let there be SAND!

Thanks for your suggestions. I forgot to say in yesterday's post that I most certainly DO have a cover for the sandpit - I made extra sure I didn't get the sand before getting the shadecloth to cover it. I still want to make it a more permanent cover rather than a giant piece of shadecloth to toss over the sand, but that will take a long garden stake, twine, chalk, scissors, a sewing machine and some medium-sized pebbles. Or maybe instead of the pebbles, some broomsticks. Or maybe even some occy straps and hooks. I still don't know what's best, but I'm sure that the sewing machine step will have me completely flummoxed.

Flummoxed. There's a word I hadn't expected to use today.

Now another thing - being as much a hater of sand/gravel inside the house as I am, I most certainly filled a bucket with warm soapy water and got the children to wash their feet and hands thoroughly before coming inside.

The sand on the floor was the sand dislodged from:

  • little upper arms
  • little upper legs
  • little knees
  • little elbows
  • little shirts
  • little shorts, and
  • inside the little nappy.

Thanks for your suggestions on how to remove sand before the children come inside, but short of setting up a shower just outside the laundry door, there's nothing MORE I could be doing.

Well it's getting dark so here I go to cover up that sandpit! Can't trust Jaz to wake up and do some patrolling if a cat comes along in the night. Apparently can't put a cork in the bum of each and every neighbourhood cat either.


Swift Jan said...

Cat poo in the sandpit is so gross!!
Our old next door neighbours had 4 cats. They drove me insane!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Hey, lady! I've not been around commenting as much lately. So sorry. Work sometimes takes every bit of my energy. But if I could go back in time, I think I'd have a sandbox (without cats, of course) in my yard, and I'd spend lots of time in it with my kids, feeling cool sand between my toes, and building roadways and driving little metal matchbox cars on those roads. ♥

Oh, I don't know if you take awards but yesterday, I mentioned you and your sis (called you my Aussie buddies). Pick up the panda if you like. She's a cutie.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Enjoy, young de Elbas, ENJOY!

And I'm certain Jaz would LOVE it if it attracted cats. Things to chase!

Sassy Britches said...

Aaaaaand I'm a month and a half behind, BUT, my parents always made us hose off before we came into the house. Yes, HOSE OFF. Most times it was lots of caked on mud, and if it wasn't all off they threatened to strip us down and hose us themselves (a big deterrent as one gets older, I must admit). Writing this and reading it sounds like my parents needed to be shipped off to the bad parent place, but it tootally worked!