11 September 2009

A very quiet sigh

Your comments on my last post were so lovely and I would give every one of you a hug if I could. Except for Crazy Sister, because she is not into hugging.

I am sorry to hear that a few of you were separated from your newborn babies for the simple reason of being "in recovery." I feel fortunate to be cared for by a health system with such baby-friendly policies. Their plan is not to separate babies and mothers while in recovery.

If only the midwife hadn't been so geared towards treating real or imagined respiratory distress, Joseph wouldn't have left my side. He would have lain on my chest while I was being stitched up, and when we were in recovery the midwife would have followed us there with the sole job of attending to us as we tried the first breastfeed together.

But she heard a very very very quiet little sigh.

Hence my current quiet sigh over the whole thing.


Jen said...

You know its good to get things out there and off your chest.