18 September 2009

Just while I'm waiting for something to blog about ...

I'm having a tricky time finding something to blog about, REMEMBERING things I've decided to blog about, finding time to blog, finding time to blog when I'm not feeding Joseph and therefore and limited to one-handed typing (and in particular left-handed typing.)

So while we wait for some real blog posts (HAH! At Killing a Fly?!? Ha!) here are some things that have been said recently:

Nat: "This lolly tastes a bit ... grown-uppish."
Me: "Maybe they put a grown-up flavour in it."
Nat: "Yeah. Maybe soy sauce."

Nat was playing Mr de Elba's iPhone. I asked if he could pause the game, and he said that he didn't know how. At the same moment, he 'died' and the game went to a different screen. Nat said happily, "Oh. 'Die' is the pause."

Me: Joseph, I'll just put you down here while I get Anna some food. I'll feed you very soon.
[Joseph begins to cry.]
Me: You cry here for a minute.
[Joseph continues to cry.]
Anna-Lucia: He ky-ing! What a good boy!


Joce said...

So jelous... I'd love to be a mummy... just not part of my life at present... tis fun to live vicariously via yours... keep it up sister <>< I'm not blogging much either, but not for the same reasons... good grief I keep trying to tell myself... I'll blog soon TTT joce xo

Sassy Britches said...

Never a dull moment in the de Elba's household, is there? I'm glad to see they're keeping you on your toes. :)

Hairline Fracture said...

I love posts about the funny things kids say.

Crazy Sister said...

I love Anna's view of the situation!