19 September 2009

A Memory From My Youth

I was just chatting with Heather and I remembered this gem from when I was younger and living back home.

There were many occasions when I was relaxing in my room and my younger sister would walk by. She'd mosey on in and start chatting to me while looking in my mirror and examining her teeth - yes, HER TEETH - in minute detail.

This gal could inspect her teeth for a full ten minutes. She loved those teeth, the reason being they were perfect, and still are today.

One day when she was in situ in front of my mirror and I wasn't paying any great attention, I heard this:

"Aaaaa-CHOO!!! Oh. Sorry about your mirror."



The Accidental Housewife said...

I'm just sitting here, quietly feeding little miss, and you made me lol and she looked up at me Hugely Offended. I told her to blame you =)

Givinya De Elba said...

Actually, blame my sister!

Granted, she did go on to wipe the mirror, but only succeeded in smearing it.


Crazy Sister said...

Hey, I seem to remember that I followed that up with, " - I'll get a tissue."

So at least I was helpful.

Jen said...

this is just too funny.