26 September 2009

The Grand Final and Real Dust Storms

We're watching the AFL Grand Final. If you're from the USA, think the Superbowl, minus American Football, plus Australian Rules Football, divided by 100 in terms of size, hoopla and potential for wardrobe malfunctions.

I'm not sure why we're watching. Anna-Lucia, Joseph and I couldn't care less. Nat only pretends he's excited because he's been psyched up by his Daddy. And Mr de Elba, except for Grand Finals and State of Origin games, NEVER watches football of any code, is extremely disinterested in it, and in our 11 years of marriage hasn't been observed to watch a game without falling asleep on the couch by half-time.

On another note, all the windows are shut again because a follow-up dust storm is rolling over the city right now. Yesterday my aunty visited and said she'd just had lunch with an older couple who had lived most of their lives on cattle stations out in the outback. We're talking very very outback.

She asked how they liked Wednesday's dust storm, and they smiled and said, "That wasn't a dust storm." They then described the sort of house cleaning involved after a 'real' dust storm.

Apparently, you don't starty with a mop. You don't even start with a broom.

You go through the house first with a shovel.

Then a broom.

Then a broom again.

Then you're good to mop.

That is a 'real' dust storm.

Anyway, I'm checking the progress of the Grand Final and the scores are even, Mr de Elba's chosen favourites having led until now. He chose his favourites based on their underdog status and the fact that he preferred their mascot (Saints vs Cats, stinky blerky cats.)

It also appears that there are 4 minutes left in the second quarter, meaning that Mr de E has 240 seconds in which to fall asleep.

By the look of things outside the window, I'll have to poke him awake soon and hand him a shovel.


Swift Jan said...

i'm glad i didn't need ashovel!!!

the grand final is on here too. not that i care!

Femina said...

Grand final? What grand final? And yes, I live in Melbourne... here nearly 6 years now and I've NEVER seen an AFL game, not even on TV. I wear that proudly - it's no mean feat in a state where the AFL grand final is shown on TVs everywhere, including the supermarket. No joke.

Jodie said...

Pfft. It was great! The GF, that is. Not the dust storm. Did you notice those crazy supporters in the front row waving giant pompons up and down? I used to be one of those people! Now, I think the Broncos could use a bit more enthusiastic support from you tonight ;)

Givinya De Elba said...

Swift Jan: It's getting dustier as the day goes on! I'll bring my shovel to your place if you bring yours to mine!

Femina: I love you: I just as good as said we're not-so-much Cat People here, and you didn't mind. If I had the opportunity to pat a cat though, your Sophie would be the first cat I'd pat.

Jodie: Well, Mr de E went on to NOT FALL ASLEEP! So that's a mark of appreciation! Saints went down though, and that's not much positive reinforcement / inducement to watch again next year!! If the Broncos go down tonight, we're finished.

Femina said...

Well, I just assumed it was only stinky, blerky cats you don't like. I don't have one of those. :D

(In any case I've made my feelings about dogs pretty clear too so I think we're even...)

Heather said...

I, like Femina, do not have a stinky, blerky cat, either, so no offense taken. Oh wait, as I'm not fluent in Australian: Does "blerky" mean tends to gack up hairballs hither and yon with gleeful abandon? Because if so, then I must amend my previous statement.

I only ever watch the Superbowl for the commercials. Do you get the extra-funny (or supposed to be extra funny, anyhow) commercials with your Grand Final? There was one during the Superbowl a few years back that I still recall that was about herding cats..... I'll have to see if I can find it online to share! :)

Heather said...

Found it! (Boy do I love Google!)


Crazy Sister said...

We can't get a cat because two of our neighbours dogs K-I-L-L them.


Givinya De Elba said...

Your own dog would have a pretty good go too, wouldn't she? Or is that just MY dog?

Stinky blerky dog.

Femina said...

That's exactly why cats shouldn't be allowed outside unless it's in a secure enclosure or netted yard. It's SO unsafe for kitties outside - aside from the fact that they have the street-smarts of a toddler and are hugely likely to get run over, there are scary dogs, cat-hating people who throw stones or bait meat, stormwater drains, feline AIDS (caught from fighting other cats)... it's a very scary world out there!

Joy said...

On Thursday there was a picture in The Houston (Texas) Chronicle of your dust storm.
So yes you are making the news here in the U.S.