28 September 2009

Monday - Bargain Shopping Success

And we're wired!

Masquerade night - we all had masks! Thankyou, Bargain Shop.

As to the rest of camp - the jury is out. Deliberating. Deliberating about whether this new campsite is Guilty or Not Guilty of Being Inappropriate Accommodation for Tired Families with Three Small Children with Persistently Disagreeable Behaviour.

One of them was so persistently disagreeable she was impossible to be snapped in the photo above.

Look, I'd just settle for showers that actually got warmer than "Miserably Tepid." That'd do me. If by this time tomorrow night the showers aren't much warmer and I'm stuck showering three small filthy children in showers so cool they scream and try to run away (well, only two of them can actually run, but the third can make up for it in screaming) without Mr de Elba to help as he is running the 'spiritual input' part of the program offsite because the campsite staff are unwilling to unlock their hall out of hours ... well I'll, I'll ...

And yes, the children will need to be showered every day, more's the pity. I dropped a fair amount of gravy on Joseph's tiny head while he was in the hug-a-bub pouch during dinner. (It wasn't very hot.)

Now. I need your opinion. Look at this:

Is that going to work, do you think? What about this:

Good clean fun, or disaster waiting to happen? And look at these eyes:

Do you think they will spend an acceptable amount of time shut?

Not sure, but at least we all have cool masks.


Femina said...

Those eyes look very, very sleepy but, as you well know, it doesn't necessarily follow that they will STAY shut for any reasonable length of time.

Oh, and you'll be pleased (or perhaps merely astonished) to know I've finally finished knitting for Joseph. I'm not sure it will even fit him now, nor that the weather is cool enough, but just whack on the air conditioner and squeeze him into it. :D

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow! Thanks Femina!

By the way, Anna unpacked some items for me before we left this morning. I found & re-packed most of them, but have ended up here without a toothbrush.

Who goes on camp without a toothbrush anymore?

Such a cliche.

Femina said...

Forgetting to pack your undies would have been a bigger cliche, and more fun to tell (although at a Christian camp... maybe not so much...)

Tracy P. said...

Well at least the upper bunk has safety rails. And Anna-Lucia's heart sheets are adorable--maybe if you left the lights on for her to look at them while she's falling asleep.

The masks will be the envy of all. Hope you get enough sleep and showers to enjoy yourself!

Jen said...

you guys look so cute.

Hairline Fracture said...

Oh the uncertainty. I hope the shower situation works out better than the scenario you described.

Love the masks!

Sassy Britches said...

I cannot see how one can have Persistently Disagreeable Behavior when one has such cool pink sheets! I mean, come ON! :)

Crazy Sister said...

If you had a bucket, you could tip a jug of boiling water into the tepid water and voila - hot sponge baths for everybody! (And possibly bucket baths for the smallest people.)

If you had a bucket.

Did you pack a bucket?

Anonymous said...

You all look prepared to rob a bank!


Swift Jan said...

Glad it's you & not me!! This is the reason we are not going on church camp this year....

Hope you all have fun anyway xx

Givinya De Elba said...

Yes I packed a bucket!

Believe it or not, boiling water is hard to source. There are a few Zip Boil taps over a sink for the purpose of tea and coffee, but there would surely be some red tape preventing us from using it for any other purpose, and an accompanying clause from some Occupational Health and Safety Manual to reinforce this.

I believe one of the other leaders has a kettle. This seems a better bet.

Or we could rub two sticks together and make a fire in the quadrangle, find an old jam tin and use it for a billy ...

Or just COME HOME already.