03 September 2009

A Message From God


Nat recently asked about the concept of God 'speaking to' people, (e.g., through the angels appearing to the shepherds after the birth of Jesus (
Luke 2:8-10), or when God audibly spoke to Samuel when he was with the priest Eli (1 Sam 3:6). I explained to him that sometimes God has audibly spoken to people and usually the people are afraid, but that God says, "Do not be afraid" and then gives his message.

Nat has been backing up his claims recently by saying that he "learned it at kindy." But in the dialogue below, he went one higher to back up his claim to prior learning.

Me (at breakfast): Nat, cinnamon is a spice.
Nat: I knowed that. One day, God spoke to me loudly and I was afraid and I hided. God said, "Don't be afraid Nat. You know, cinnamon is a spice."
Me: Really.

Playschool is good at teaching the time to kids. "The big hand is pointing straight up, so it's something-o'clock. And the little hand is pointing to the three. So it's three o'clock on the Playschool Clock."
Anna-Lucia, looking at a clock: "The yong (long) hand is pointing to the straight up hand point." Or: "It's half-point to the seven hand clock."


Joy said...

You'll love that you have these written down. They will make you smile for years to come. I wrote some of the things my girls said in their baby books (before blogging). I knew I would forget them.
These are precious.


Tracy P. said...

Hilarious! That Nat is not only knowledgeable, but clever too. ;-)

Jen said...

Nat's comment totally cracked me up. Something that Hayden would totally say.

Heather said...

I, for one, am just relieved that He told Nat to be not afraid of the cinnamon, as cinnamon certainly is nothing to fear. Fear ye the cayenne or the powdered chilies, but not the cinnamon.


Kiddo once told me that Jesus wanted her to "take care of the Wii" by playing Mario Kart on it, since no one had played Wii in our house (to her knowledge - Daddy plays it after she is in bed sometimes shhhh) in a long time.

I gave her my best Intent Gaze in the Rearview Mirror until she admitted that, okay, maybe Jesus wasn't the one who told her that.


The Accidental Housewife said...

That is hilarious, you made me lol. Again.

Crazy Sister said...

I would really love for Nat to say something like this to his teacher one day. That would be excellent entertainment.

Man, he's funny!

Jodie said...

If there existed a Nobel Prize for Best Comment from a Small Boy, your Nat would be shortlisted for sure. Hilarious. Cracked me up.

~Taz~ said...

HAHA that's awesome!! :) :)

Swift Jan said...

That's just gold!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

so cute!

Hairline Fracture said...

Love this! God tells them such useful things. For example, Miss Pink INSISTED that God spoke to her in kid's church in an audible voice. He said, "Clean your room." (I thought, "Well, thanks, God!") Turns out it was one of the pastors using the sound system in the hall and the kids could hear it in their room!

Sassy Britches said...

I really am at a loss for words on this one. The whole thing is priceless.

Femina said...

I just love God's casual, chatty manner... "You know, cinnamon is a spice..."

BGSydneyside said...

What an amazing kid! That is the funniest one I've heard in a long time :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

So funny! I love when the kids use the Y sound for the L sound. When I worked in child care, one of my favorite little boys did that and he called Lizards "Yizards". I still call them that to this day!