24 July 2009


Hello all, and thankyou for your kind words and comments.

Joseph is doing very well - he is feeding like a natural (what a relief after two quite tricky breastfeeding experiences!) and he is just a delight. I feel a special bond with him having got through the last scary 5 weeks together. He's pretty chilled out about the whole thing.

In fact, he's pretty chilled out in general. He had his bath today, and nearly fell asleep on his back in the warm water. Then he had his heel prick test and although he did a little squawk, he was nearly just as chilled out during that!

I'm doing well too. I need to remember to keep ahead of the pain and ask for medication before it gets too bad. The staff are talking about sending us home tomorrow (3 nights in hospital) but I will request another night if we're not up to going home quite yet. Surprise surprise, the other de Elbas have varying levels of winter colds and sicknesses (I tell you, it's this new town we live in!) and Joseph and I might do well to have another night in here. In hospital. The place where ... err ... sick people are. Maybe I need to think this through a little more.

Now, about that nappy/diaper bag, my only concern when I bought it was that it might be too PINK for a little boy baby (and we didn't know whether our babe would be a boy or a girl.) So I made a point of asking Monique what she thought. She said that really, the bag is meant to co-ordinate with ME, not the baby, and I decided that since the colours were so perfectly ME, that I would have to get it. Sorry if you felt I was leading you up the path regarding nappy bag colour and the sex of the baby!

I am truly sorry I flipped out about the transfusion (minor freak-out) and the hysterectomy (way off the deep end.) The transfusion was a strong possibility and by the end of the pregnancy, I'd realised that it would be quite a small deal in the end. However I surprised everyone including myself by not needing it. I did lose a lot of blood and my haemoglobin was low, but I felt fine. I'll be on iron tablets and vitamin C for six weeks, which is no big deal.

The risk of a hysterectomy was slight. Small. No big worry. But I'd beaten it up in my head because of estimates I'd heard of the risk, e.g., a 5%-8% chance, even 10% from another source. Final de Elba Family Size will be determined by our family dynamic, how well we all work and live together, and how we feel down the track about another baby. But let me say that a Final de Elba Kiddie Count could well be three. Meaning I shouldn't have worried. The thing is that at 32 years old, I wasn't ready to have the choice taken away. I do love my children like crazy, and I love having new little babies to cuddle (I love it much more than I feel hassled by nappies and lack of sleep, etc.) I really only will be able to happily shut up the baby factory once I'm good and ready. This week was not that time. I am very thankful to God that I don't have to lose my choice just yet, whatever we end up deciding.

Yes, Anna-Lucia's expressions in the photos are a little uneasy aren't they? That day, she was not taking good photos! She'd just had a massive tantrum, and we ended up posting the best photos that didn't involve tears or her Angry Eyes. She is head-over-heels in love with her baby brother, saying, "Aaww, Doe-sess! He coot! I need ta cuddle my Doe-sess!" That's how she really feels!

Glad you liked the granny undies. They're really quite good to wear, and it's true, having the waistband pressing onto the wound would be quite bad, as I do get a fair bit of pain there.

What a blessing to recline in bed with a sleeping babe beside you, blogging and checking emails, and knowing that there is nothing else you SHOULD be doing! I've really enjoyed writing this post, even though the thoughts are all over the place. Have a lovely day/night, wherever you are. Joseph and I plan to. His plans include drinking milk and mine include producing milk.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations....He is georgious(hmm is that spelt right)and so glad that all went 'well'. If I was you, as long as the rest of the family are ok (especially with all those germs going around...imagine sneezing--NO!) I would stay in hospital as long as possible.......it used to be 10 days for a caesar....plus 10 days in a 'half way' place if you wanted.hmmm ask your Mum!! Why is it they always send new mums home (1st timers and caesars) on day 3....just when you are about to wake up and cry the place down, especially if everybody is being nice to you!!! Ahhh I know, they don't have enough tissues to go around, send you home and you buy your own!!!!
Take care...so glad you still have all the choices left. Rest as much as possible, accept all help...and enjoy getting to know young Joseph....big grin so happy it went well. :))
love from Anne.uk....big hug for all the de Elbas

The Accidental Housewife said...

Congratulations on Joseph! Great name, too. He's a cutie, and you have done so well to come through the whole thing with your innards intact and a smile on your face. (Good luck keeping it there for the 4 day dip - but I know it will come back!)
God bless!

CynthiaK said...

Great update! So nice to hear you and wee Joseph are doing so well. He sounds like a bundle of perfect! Before long, he'll be running the de Elba household like a baby should.

Take care and keep blogging when you feel well enough!

Congratulations again. And now you are five! (well, plus pup makes six, I guess...) :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

I agree with Anna-Lucia -
Doe-sess is too coot! And so is she.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

I ♥ his name!!!! So happy for you! Just marvelous! Simply marvelous. Enjoy it all. Every burp. Every tinkle. Every cry.

Tracy P. said...

I couldn't be happier for you, Kate! Joseph sounds like such a sweet addition. He may make you want another one yet.

Jen said...

this post made me happy because you are so happy. All is well, I love it and love you.

Hairline Fracture said...

So glad everything is going well!

Joy said...

My sister has 3 kiddos like you. Boy, girl, boy. Her little Sophie is a mother hen to her little brother too. She sounds just like Anna-Lucia talking to her brother Wally. And Wally is a very easy going baby too. I think the third ones are. Although I never tested it. I'm so glad you and Joseph are enjoying each other and he's a good eater. Sorry the others are coming down with colds. That stinks.
When I had my c-section with my second child, the dr. wanted to tie my tubes right then while everything was wide open. Even though we only planned to have two children I told him NO. I wasn't ready for that.
Glad your adjusting to your granny panties.


Mrs. Tantrum said...

OH YEAH!! I am so happy for all of you! And Joseph is a brilliant name for such a sweet boy. So glad for none of the "worst case scenario" stuff happening. These prayers have worked. Enjoy this wonderful time, and you will be back to racing about painless in those sexy granny panties in no time at all!

Swift Jan said...

YOu sound so happy! I am really glad about that!

I am also really pleased that Joseph is a natural feeder! One less stress for you & that is wonderful!!

We might try & visit you guys in a week or so (when Dan is in less pain). ANd when you are a bit settled at home. We will of course call first :)

sewfunbymonique said...

Just give people a LOOK if they comment on the pink inside of your nappy bag! :)