18 July 2009

That's How Baxon Eats

For weeks now, Smoochy has been saying, "That's how Baxon eats." She says it a lot. We have no idea what she means.

Who is Baxon?

We've asked many questions to try to understand who Baxon is and what he/she/it eats and why, but we have no clue. Most of the questions that you can ask a two year old are leading questions anyway and we don't get any useable information from them:

Me: Who is Baxon? Is Baxon a boy?

Smooch: Yeah.

Me: Is Baxon a girl?

Smooch: Yeah.

Me: Is Baxon a dog?

Smooch: Yeah.

Me: Is Baxon on TV?

Smooch: Yeah.

Me: What does Baxon eat? Crackers and cheese?

Smooch: Yeah.

See? Baxon could be anyone or anything, eating goodness-knows-what. But why does she mention Baxon so often, and say that that's what he eats? I am putting the call out to see if any of you have ANY clue.

We've thought of obvious speech errors, but it can't be Jackson or Staxon or Draxon, partly because THEY make no sense either and also because in her speech system, all those would change to Daxon, not Baxon. The only phonological rules that would end up at Baxon would be reduced "sp", "br" and "bl" clusters - and Spaxon (etc) doesn't seem to make sense to us either.

Yesterday she said, "That's how Baxon eats" quickly about eight times in a row and I decided to video it so you could see for yourself. Unfortunately, as I pulled out my camera, she stopped saying it and this is what we ended up with:

So I did switch it off, as commanded. She then plonked her little self down on the bottom step of that stepladder you see there in the background, and declared, "That's how Baxon eats."

Help please.


Givinya De Elba said...

I apologise for that video. If I am unphotogenic (and I AM), take that and multiply it by 500. THAT is how un-video-genic I am. I am truly horribly ugly in photos and much worse than that in videos.

I look much better in real life, I promise. I am nowhere near that ghastly, even I can tell that from looking in the mirror. Something horrible happens between me and the lens and I come out looking really bad.

This is why I don't have any/many pics of me on my blog except for that professional wedding photo. It's not a no-photos-of-me policy, it's just that I can't find any that are decent.

And those few seconds of me on that video there - I just gave up and decided to post it. I figure my readers can handle it.

Mamma has spoken said...

Hum, think about pragmatic/semantic intent. Oh sorry, you got me in SLP mode when you started talking phonological processes....

Femina said...

"If I am unphotogenic (and I AM), take that and multiply it by 500. THAT is how un-video-genic I am. I am truly horribly ugly in photos and much worse than that in videos."

Yeah, or NOT. I have no reason to flatter you, and I'm telling you right here and now that you are by no means "truly horribly ugly" in any photos I've seen. In fact not even a teensy bit ugly. So enough of that kind of talk, okay? Just imagine how you'd hit the roof if you heard Smoochy Girl saying that about herself in 15 years from now. Beautiful inside, beautiful outside. That is all.

Nice to hear your voice on the video. I'm slowly building a complete picture of Givinya-In-Real-Life. :)

Swift Jan said...

Oh how I enjoyed hearing young Anna's voice!! And YOUR voice for that matter... Missing you lots!
And for the record, you are SOOOOO beautiful!!

Now back to the original question.

The first thing I thought she was trying to say was "Braxton HIcks"... I dont know if is because I have been getting a lot of them lately...?
Have you spoken of these horrible contractions infront of her that she might have picked it up.
Never the less... it's AWEFULLY cute!!!

Heather said...

For us, whenever there is a Mystery Phrase or Word that gets repeated often, the origin tends to be either something from a song, book or TV show. It may take us some time, but boy is it a relief when we finally pair up what Kiddo's been saying with a source! I know your frustration in not knowing who/what Baxton is!

Something that helps when Kiddo is talking about someone/thing that is clearly *an entity* is to get her to draw it/them. I know Smoochy's artistic talents may not be phenomenal yet, but perhaps you could at least work out who/what Baxton is from a drawing, or get her to describe Baxton for you to draw?

That of course means you need to have greater artistic talent than I do, as Kiddo's drawing ability well surpassed mine by the time she was about 3.

sewfunbymonique said...

Your daughter is SO ADORABLE- and so are you! I wouldn't worry about who Baxton is. My kids would ramble about things when they were little and like Heather said its probably based on a cartoon or something. She probably likes saying the word- over and over and over!!

Joy said...

She is soooooo cute and that sweet little voice is adorable. Girl you are looking good and no reason to put yourself down like that.
Hmmmm I'll be interested to find out who Baxon is if he identifies himself.
Maybe she is naming thingamababy for you.


The Accidental Housewife said...

Ok, don't want to weird you out, but you sound EXACTLY the same as me. Same tone, same pitch, same inflections. FREAKY!

Jen said...

I thought it was great to see and hear you both in the video. See I have always wanted to talk with you on the phone but I know that won't work so this is as close as its going to get.

Now as for what and why she is saying. Have you been talking about Braxton Hicks contractions? Maybe she over heard you talking and what she got was That's how Braxon eats.

I don't know, its just a guess.

~Taz~ said...

haha she's so beautiful! :) so adorable! :)

Crazy Sister said...

I also wondered about a possible Braxton Hicks mis-translation.

I don't care - I hope you never figure it out - the mystery is hilarious!