19 July 2009

Still wondering how Baxon Eats

Thanks to one and all. I understand everything she says except when she wants to talk and has nothing to say (so she makes up her own language just so she can hold my attention) and when she says, "That's how Baxon eats." It's frustrating, so I'd love to work this one out.

She doesn't know anything of Braxton Hicks contractions (unlike her mother) so I don't think she's talking about that. But if she WAS, what on earth does it mean? And why does she say it so consistently at mealtimes? You'd expect something that off-the-wall to be spoken once and then forgotten.

I have been wracking my brains about the possible semantic intent behind this mystery phrase. I have come up with nothing.

I could indeed let her draw this 'Baxon', but I suspect it would come out no clearer than her cats, which she draws until she can persuade me to give up what I'm doing and draw cats for her.

I'm not saying her drawing is bad, I'm just saying it's a little ... abstract.

And finally, "Now I look gorgeous, now I ... sorta don't" - a video to explain that I don't actually think I'm awful-looking, but am simply mystified at the un-chemistry between me and a camera. However, I made the bad decision to go ahead with this video with no makeup, chapped lips, and a coffee stain on my shirt. Not helping myself there.

Yeah, a great freeze frame there at the start. And I certainly didn't sound that "ocker" when I recorded that. Strewth, crikey. I think the camera takes my normalness and cranks the Dork Dial up to 11.


Swift Jan said...

Ahhh Kate we love ya!! YOu make us giggle!!! I loved your little clip!!
I know what you mean about looking ok in the morror & then different on camera (talking about myself here). I am always horrified when I see a photo of myself!
Your bump is so cute!! And much smaller than mine, so I hope that makes you feel a bit better :)

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow that's truly terrible. I have half a mind to take it down it's so embarrassing, but I'll leave it up there because I feel bad that my USA friends haven't really ever SEEN me, and also, it will serve as a Lesson in Humility.

WHY did Blogger freeze the clip onto THAT frame to start with? does it pick the worst frame and say, "That'd be good" ???

Any hints for making it choose a different frame?

Givinya De Elba said...

And Swift Jan, if you look bad in a photo, I can definitely vouch for the fact that it's the camera's fault. You're gorgeous!

Femina said...

Just to make your brain explode, when you film into the mirror you're still on camera... and yet you (apparently) look different from when you're JUST on camera but not via the mirror. Wow. Work that one out.

You don't sound ocker; you just sound like a Queenslander. Hahaha. Sorry... just taking advantage of the fact that the presence of Thingamabelly means you can't come after me when I say things like that. :D

Crazy Sister said...

Yeah, you're pretty all the time except the odd freezeframe. And we can all relate with that.

How about letting me set you up for a glamour shoot? I have quite a wardrobe, and a forgiving camera... try sepia, everyone looks classy in sepia.

Heather said...

I don't look classy in sepia; I look jaundiced. Seriously. Black and white is much more my friend (so long as there isn't terribly high contrast) ... No, I guess that *actually* it is a gentle, blurry grayscale that suits Photographed Heather the very best. Or bestest, as my kid insists on saying all the time these days. Which, yes, may not be as frustrating as Baxon but is still annoying when she is six, not two and I've already told her a squillion and four times there is no such word as bestest.

But I digress, as per usual.

I think you might employ the "police sketch artist" technique - sit with a box of crayons or markers and ask Smoochy to tell you how to draw Baxon, choosing the right colors and how to do each bit: "How do Baxon's ears look? Is Baxon big or small? Skinny? What color hair (or fur) does Baxon have?" etc.

Lastly but certainly not least, WELL DONE on sneaking in the sidebar redos. I don't know if I can adjust to calling SMJ and Smoochy by their proper names... I'll try! :D

Jen said...

I love you. And I love that you did this. Just fabulous I say....

Oh and I love the little changes that you made around here. Looks good.

Mamma has spoken said...

Uhm,you could always sell that picture to Super Duper or any other SLP publications as a great picture of the production of the th phoneme :o)Sounds like the pragmatic intent of 'That's how Baxton eats' is clear: A way to drive mama nuts trying to figure it out!

Joy said...

Very good video of yourself. Good idea, I understand what you are saying. Now you know why Libby sat in for me. Thanks for showing us lovely you and your voice and Thingamababy's home at the moment.
I love the new introductions you have put in the sidebar of your sweet family. I think we will still forever refer to them as Sonny and Smoochy. I love their names.
Jaz is so cute.


Joy said...

P.S. I read this on Daja's blog yesterday and thought of you. I want you to read it.

It's good.


Swift Jan said...

I too love the revamp :D

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

I'll have to go watch the clip ... are you sure that "Baxon" is a person and "eats" is the word she's saying?

Is there any cartoon character? Or neighborhood child?

What if you said, "Show me..." "Show me Baxon"....? Very interesting, I say!

And you are lovely.