09 July 2009

There's a Russell in my Brain

Thankyou for coming over from your Readers to see what those posts were about. I have no idea how that happened. I wanted to post something and the first letter of the title was "L" - I typed quickly and all of a sudden my Compose window was gone and I'd inadvertantly posted FOUR identical posts - each one bore the title "L" and had no content.

A little like my brain these days. Nothing but Russell the Mouse running around in a tiny mouse wheel in there (he moved in once the janitor had turned all the lights off.)

Must have been a speech pathology head&neck I got there.

If there WERE anything else going on in life apart from Russell the Mouse, here would be the facts as we knew them:

♦ Name: Thingamababy (we need to think of something better than that)
♦ Scheduled to arrive 22nd July, 2009
♦ (36 weeks and 6 days young)
♦ Currently well, and huge compared to his/her brother and sister at the same stage
♦ Mother received steroid shots to give the best chance of child being with mother instead of Special Care Nursery after birth
♦ Hospital ready and prepared for what might happen
♦ Mother less so
♦ Father just doesn't want to faint
♦ Anxiety: repressed
♦ Fear: repressed
♦ Disappointment with Life and God: repressed
♦ Prayers: coming in from around the globe, in lieu of being able to form any prayer but a Silent Scream myself.

Thank you all for being there for me. As you can tell, I am waiting until there is something important or positive to post, and I am struggling to provide that here at Killing A Fly. However I DID get some bargains in the way of bedding for Sonny and Smoochy's new beds. It's the best I've got. Perhaps posting about my excitement regarding these bargains and a few pictures of the bedrooms wouldn't drive TOO many followers away?


Paige said...

Clearly, thingamababy needs to be named after me---Paige. It can go either way, but it works way better with a girlybaby.

I am on a campaign to have all babies named after me so there will be a whole nother generation of Paiges I can tell myself are the ones people are talking about, instead of me

Good luck!

Heather said...

I find Heather to be a delightful name for a girl, myself.... Or a boy, y'know, and start a trend...?

You can't drive me away with a stick. Unless George Clooney or Hugh Jackman or Alan Rickman were on the other end of it and you were tossing it in an "away from me" direction because then yes, I would give chase. But other than one of those three very rare sticks, you're not driving me anywhere.


Joy said...

Commenter #1 has a lovely name as that is the name we chose for our first born.
Two weeks. How exciting. The countdown. I'll pray every day.

Hey, at least you got Russell, so folks don't even have that. ;)


Swift Jan said...

The Doctor today suggested I name Itty Bitty after him - Drew.... Feel free to use that one if you want :D

I would LOVE to see pics of the kids' new beds!!

Tracy P. said...

Wow! You've got more going on in there than I often have! He's cute, too.

And bargains always make great posts. :-)

Still praying!

Femina said...

If a reader leaves because of a post about bargains they are clearly NOT 'our kind' anyway and we are better off without them.

Hey, I stayed on after the poo police entry; I think that proves you can't get rid of me.

Still praying. And knitting.

Givinya De Elba said...

You're kidding!? The Poo Police. Huh. Thanks for staying!

(And praying. And knitting ... hypothetically of course!)

Cazbam said...

I'm a nut for bedding and manchester. So POST AWAY!!!!

Also, i like the name Cady or Elouise for a girl.....And for a boy....i haven't got that far yet...

2 weeks to go!! Praying for you!


Hippomanic Jen said...

So THAT's where our mice have gone to!

Femina said...

Oh wait, sorry, it wasn't the poo police. It was the 'poo in your room' one. Or was that your sister's blog? Wow... brain melt. Well, anyway, someone, sometime wrote about poo-hiding antics in college. I am very visual and therefore it was gross. But I stayed.

Givinya De Elba said...

Yeah sorry, that was me.

The Accidental Housewife said...

Ohh, Paige is a gorgeous name. I'm calling my next girl that - Mr Accident hasn't been told that yet though. And I'm not pregnant. But hey, it'll happen!

You couldn't drive me away, you posts are in my reader and I'm too lazy to take them off ;) But seriously, I like to lurk and check how you're going. I'm Aussie, I move alot and I just gave birth - I have empathy.

I hope the disappointment in life and God stays repressed until it passes - and if you push on through it will pass, and there will be days with happy park trips and butterflys and and kid snuggles and small and big wins to follow. Just wait!

Givinya De Elba said...

That last paragraph is so true, so true.

Jen said...

you are almost there. you can do this.

John Ross said...

Keep up the spirits, and will be adding our prayers to others for you. congrats on bedding bargans.