10 July 2009

Only Kidding!

I said that Thingamababy is scheduled to arrive on 22 July, didn't I?

Must have been joking!

Today at my appointment, the doctor was impressed that I am doing so well (that's polite blog-speak for "I haven't had any bleeding at all with this placenta previa") and he would like to push the date out to between 24 and 30 July. As late as he feels he can safely leave me.

I am thinking this through - processing it - and I realise that if Thingamababy is born on 22 July, he/she would only be 2 days "younger" in development than Sonny Ma-Jiminy was at his birth. Nobody worried about Sonny's lungs or his development, and he was strong and healthy. (I like being conservative, but I'm feeling positive about Thingamababy's health and development ... if Mother's intuition counts, while also fully accepting the doctor's medical experience ... ?)

Sonny fed, he grew, and he shot from a tiny 5lb 1oz up to the 50th percentile by 6 months of age. No steroids for the lungs, nothing. Just a healthy strong baby. And Sonny was (in the womb) about on the 20th percentile - Thingamababy is already about the 58th percentile. My Mother's intuition says Thingamababy will be fine, even on 22nd July. Even without the extra steroids they recommend.

BUT if they want me to wait longer, then Wait I Will. The aim of waiting is to increase the possibility that Thingamababy will be with me all the time instead of in Special Care, and hey - I'm all for that. So - whatever. To achieve this end, they may want me to kick back as an inpatient for goodness-knows-how-many-days before Thingamababy comes.

Nuisance? Yes.
Burden on relatives? Of course.
Extreme inconvenience? Absolutely.
Just a little attractive? Admittedly, yes it is.

Imagine it. Aaahhh.

Sorry I've built up the 22nd as The Date now. (It still may be the date, but if I keep going well, it may not.)

One of the things I was sad about when birth changed from natural and spontaneous to surgical and booked was the lack of spontaneity regarding the date. YAY! The spontaneity is back!

Mr de Elba is working on a way for me to get wired in hospital, whether it be pre-Thingamababy or post-Thingamababy, so I might still be able to blog, check your blogs and to email. How wonderful! What a technological hero.

Again - Imagine it: feet up all day, not allowed to do anything (at all), meals served, no small people clamouring for attention and watching me pee or shower, and unlimited time to read Stephanie Plum books and blog!

I don't think I even know how to slow down that much.


Swift Jan said...

OOh the pre baby hospital stay DOES sound good!! I think you should definately push for that ;)
YAY for spontaneity!!

I am so glad that you are both doing really well xx

Jen said...

That would be pretty awesome! Just goes to show that you never know.

Femina said...

YAAAYYYYYY for spontaneity! I was going to say, "Hey, I was born 5 weeks early, weighing 5lb 3oz, and look at me!" and then I realised that using ME as an example might not be that comforting...hehe. :D Now that I think about it, two of my nephews were born 5 weeks early also - apparently impatience runs in my family.

The "feet up all day with laptop and being waited on" option sounds pretty attractive. Wonder if there's a way of achieving that without needing to be in hospital?

Joy said...

Bed Rest. ahhhhhh. I agree.
You do it.
You can draw us a picture of you on bed rest. NO more washing dishes, getting up and down from the floor.

Whenever Thingamababy makes his/her appearance we'll all be celebrating with you.


Crazy Sister said...

First I was thinking, "Well, curses for the doctor re-introducing the uncertainty," but now I'm with you - yay for spontaneity! And yay for possible hospital rest, in spite of the inconvenience.

Whatever! Either way, your devoted readers are looking forward to the day you post Brand New Baby pics for us! Let me be the first to say, "Awww! Perfect!"

Tracy P. said...

I was wondering if you either had a laptop or had instructed Mr. de E about how to update your blog--so yay that is getting taken care of! Looking forward to the news, and pulling for you to get the little breather to help you be well rested. Can't wait to meet Thingamababy!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Okay, so am I sinful to think "YES! Thingamababy won't be born until I get back from Sydney". Not that it makes much difference, but unlike you, I'll be off-line for the week. I might just have to text you to find out what's happening.

Femina said...

H-Jen, you're coming to Sydney? You know, Melbourne isn't THAT much further...

Givinya De Elba said...

You guys should meet up! That's be fun! Come back when your money's run out.

sewfunbymonique said...

Sounds like it will all work out for you! The 22nd or later, you will have a healthy (sounds like a big one!) baby! My unborn baby's name was 'Itska'- alot quicker to type than Thingamababy. :)

stefanie said...

This made me smile, technological hero you!

Hairline Fracture said...

I am so looking forward to "meeting" the latest addition to your family. I wouldn't mind having a hospital stay (with nothing life-threatening, of course!)