22 October 2008

Time for a meme

Thanks Adelaine for tagging me! I really should do more memes, I guess I just assume that you all are not that interested in my drivel about myself. But I've thought of a few things for this one.

You want to know 7 random and/or weird facts about me? Well, buckle up!

1. Although my sister can sight read about any piece of music you give her but she can't play anything from memory, I can memorise long pieces but am practially dyslexic with reading music. It might as well be Chinese.

2. Sometimes when I hug my kids, I love them so much it nearly hurts. Their small bodies feel so darn good pressed against mine, I think I'll burst. Then when I think of the "empty nest" we'll have one day, I cry a bit and I have to get busy with something or I'll keep crying all day.

3. I scream when I drive under bridges while trains go over the top. Trains are heavy, and I don't like them above me. Sure, that bridge has held for 70 years, but ... you know ...

4. Some days I fantasise about collecting up all the floor-bound objects that don't belong on the floor and throwing them out. Those particular objects would never bother me again, would they?

5. I find it very hard to drink plain milk due to "The Incident of Lesley and The Fly (1981)." I was in preschool. For morning tea one day, I realised that the usual warm plain milk that we were all served had a fly in it. It made me feel sick. I really didn't want to waste the milk, but I just had to ask the Aide, Lesley, if she would give me some more. Instead, she picked the fly out and gave the milk back to me. It turned my stomach. And now I can't bring myself to drink plain milk. Terrible, aren't I?

6. In high school, I was a percussionist. I was good at tympani and the giant concert xylophone, but I was total rubbish as a drummer. But being a drummer in a rock band is still my secret fantasy.

7. I have an irrational fear of opening roller doors. Call me crazy, but there is, isn't there, the slight but real possibility that a SNAKE has curled itself up on top of the roll of door, and as you lift it open it from the inside, the action of the rolling will tip the snake off and into your outstretched arms. Won't it? No, but it's possible, isn't it?

Would YOU like to play along too? Pretend I knew that all along and cleverly TAGGED you. Let me know you've got 7 facts up about you, and I'll come and read them!


Jen said...

Oh I just love you so much. You are just so quirky and funny. I love it.

Swift Jan said...

Thanks. Now I am going to be terrified to open our roller door!

ANyway I will see if I can think of 7 things...

Hippomanic Jen said...

Thanks for sharing the roller door phobia. I am now really glad that we have panel-lift ones operated by remote control.

Crazy Sister said...

You were awesome on that giant xylophone. That solo from "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid was just made for that instrument, and you nailed it perfectly.

Meaghan said...

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