09 October 2008

Three Days



(And now everything will GO SLOW, so I will stop with the reno blog and give you more mess and mayhem.)

(P.S. - this picture shows pinkish cabinets. They are most definitely not pinkish. The colour higher in the room is closer to the real one.)


Crazy Sister said...

That's fantastic! Isn't it amazing what working men can do? Yet I bet when those cabinet men go home, they sit on the couch and crush beer cans against their foreheads while their wifeys do everything.

Heather said...

OOOOOOH! I have kitchen envy!!! That is looking gorgeous!!

Jen said...

wow, I love it. that did happen so quickly.

Tracy P. said...

Beautiful! Yea for you!!

dogpainter (michelle) said...

Oh wow that is an awesome new kitchen, lucky you!

Swift Jan said...

The kitchen is looking pretty swish! Very nice!