19 October 2008

The Mess, The Kitchen and Disturbing the Peace

Every day I think, "I don't have anything all that interesting to blog about today - maybe something great will happen tomorrow and I'll be able to blog it."

But every day, nothing blogworthy happens. This doesn't mean that life is dull! I'm enjoying sailing through the days with Mr de Elba and the kids, but nothing really outstanding is going on.

Here are a few of the unblogworthy things that have been happening. Each one half-deserves a post, but none makes it over the line. So they all have to share a post.

1. THE MESS: Sonny Ma-Jiminy made a comprehensive sunscreen mess today, OO-MOM rating 8 (deliberate). While I was cleaning that up, he made a rice mess, OO-MOM rating 3 (accidental). While I was cleaning that up he went to the toilet and got wee all over the floor, OO-MOM rating 4 (accidental, and isn't he such a lovely boy to be taking himself to the bathroom all day and managing not to wet the bed at night?)

2. THE KITCHEN: Everything is done except the final electrician's visit and the tiling. I won't post a picture until the tiling is done because before the lovely tiles come, the gorgeous mangrove-coloured benchtops don't yet look their best. No fault of the benchtop! Check it out!

See how lovely that little corner of bench looks with the wood grain in the cupboards? Mm-mm, nice. Now check out how horrible it looks with the ripped-up wall behind it:

Yuck. Well to be honest, that picture was darker than real-life, but honestly, nothing would look all that hot with the poor wall behind it! I'm waiting for the whole job to be done before I post pictures. But our kitchen is nearly functional so long as you don't need to use the oven or the cooktop, and life is getting back to normal.

3. DISTURBING THE PEACE: I was taking Sonny Ma-Jiminy and Smoochy Girl to the car after getting a few things at the supermarket yesterday when I saw a man pull up into the car park that was immediately outside the entrance to the shop. As I walked out the doors, I saw him sitting in the driver's seat, fastening a large piece of cardboard to the inside of his windscreen. In bold black letters the sign read, "Doctor C__ of [Our Town] committed perjury in the Supreme Court." Weird. But not really blogworthy.

I just wanted you all to know that I'm still here, but there's not much to say.


Crazy Sister said...

Tantalising teaser pics of the kitchen. I like it being functional, except for the oven and cooktop... so you mean you can put things in the cupboards. And hopefully use the sink. Very important, sinks.

Weird perjury poster.

Swift Jan said...

ooooh the anticiapation of the new ktchen is cruel!! C'mon sparky! Get the job done!

Jen said...

well maybe not blog worthy to you but very blog worthy from where I am reading

Hippomanic Jen said...

Enjoyed your post and can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

Speaking about seeing your finished kitchen, I need to ring you about next week...