09 October 2008

Green and Slimy

I paused over the avocadoes. They were firm. Too firm. They wouldn't be ready to eat tonight.

"That's funny," I thought. "I distinctly remember buying an avocado a few days ago. We didn't eat it. I wonder where it got to?"

And I didn't think more about it. Smoochy Girl was very tired and making an absolute spectacle of herself (and me) so I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

I shopped, I paid, and I poushed the trolley out to the carpark with one hand while I held my girl child tightly with the other. She was falling asleep on my shoulder, and I wanted to get home quickly so I could put her in the cot, get my groceries away and do a large amount of frantic work before she woke up.

Once she was strapped into her car seat, I opened the boot (that's the trunk, y'all) to put the groceries in. The wheel of the stroller looked filthy. Green. I didn't remember pushing it through a lot of wet freshly-cut grass, and I certainly didn't think the wheel was that filthy when I hauled the stroller into the boot a few days ago.

Hang on - the wheel was smushed into something that was hard and dark on the outside and soft, green and slimy on the inside.


Great. My lost avocado had rolled around in the boot until the stroller thoroughly squashed it into the carpet of the boot, which of course cannot be removed for cleaning. It only rated a 6 on the OO-MOM, but it was horrible.

And now I've decided to waste naptime on cleaning, groceries, blogging and eating a large amount of something that will only make my backside wider. It's not my best day today.


Crazy Sister said...

Oh dear! Hate it. We get a lot of banana behind the couch cushions.

Heather said...

I once had a demonic peach roll away from its brethren who were content to remain in the bag on the floor of the front seat of the van for the ride home from the pick-your-own farm.

Didn't realize it (who counts the peaches they and their children pick at a pick-your-own farm?) until it began to unleash its demonic forces, namely that of Indescribable Stench, but even with the smell it took another two full weeks before I finally located it where it had rolled, far underneath the driver's seat. Talk about not easily cleanable... Hubby, for some reason, wouldn't let me try to remove the (non-removable) seat so I contorted myself into many an odd shape (after removing the liquefied and putrefying remains) and jammed the handheld attachment of our steam cleaner underneath the seat over and over again. Ultimately, I dumped a box of baking soda over the spot, let it soak in for a few days, then vacuumed that out (thank heavens for the handheld attachments!) and then sprayed the heck out of the car with a can of Febreeze.

Nothing quite as raunchy smelling as the Produce That Got Away, is there? :P


Jen said...

I know you now have to clean but that was a really funny story. I am sorry that you lost your avocado.

femina said...

Hi from WTBAY!

I once baked some fish for a dinner party and put the leftover fish back in the turned-off-but-still-warm oven while we ate, in case someone wanted seconds. I promptly forgot about it and didn't use the oven again for about a week because it was summer and I was eating salads etc. It took a long time to track down the stench... and opening the oven door was an eye-watering experience I don't want to repeat in a hurry.

Le @ Third on the Right said...

Hello there - over from WTBAY - off for a read - opps no just called for dinner by my MIC - back after dinner - cheers le

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

ewwwww. We won't talk about my veggie crisper. Way to ewwwwww.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

ewwwww. We won't talk about my veggie crisper. Way to ewwwwww.