22 October 2008


The second-worst part about doing lots of camps for high-school students and at-risk youth is that Mr De Elba always ends up with lots of boxes of assorted camp-related things that NEVER find their way home to their properplace after camp is finished.

The absolute worst part is ending up with loads and loads and loads of LOST PROPERTY at the end of it. Things that aren't mine clog up space that is mine, and I end up not being able to function in my own house or find any of the things I need.

Following our camp in late September, we again brought back a load of stuff that wasn't ours. Instead of waiting for Mr de Elba to find homes for all the things, I decided to do it myself.

A new blog was born.

MAXX Lost Property

Any of it yours by any chance?


tinsenpup said...

Ah, good idea...and strangely fascinating. I'm hoping the wings aren't claimed.

Givinya De Elba said...

If they're not, I'll send them to you!

Swift Jan said...

HAHA That's gold!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Good fun. I bet there's heaps of mums out there who are cranky about the fact towels didn't come home. And a single shoe? How?

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

You are a good woman to bring them all home. If it were me they would all be in the wheelie bin (or a charity bin located between camp and home)

Jen said...

what a great idea!