21 October 2008

Some Kitchen Success

Since I wrote the last blog post, I cooked something in my oven, and it worked out! Oh the joy of Sweet Sweet Culinary Success! Would you like to know what I made?

I reheated a few frozen cocktail spring rolls! And I didn't ruin them! YAY!

This is not to say I'd usually ruin the reheating of a few cocktail spring rolls. I'm just saying - this performance anxiety has had me worried that all skills I used to have will go out the window with the 1974 oven whose door never properly shut anyway.

Buoyed by my spring roll success, I thawed some pastry, put leftover Chicken & 10-Veggie Casserole inside some squares, triangled them up and cooked ... Pasties! And THEY turned out okay too!

And today after finding a really good set of saucepans (ya gotta get the posh type if you have induction, y'know) I came home, boiled some water and ... poached two eggs! And THEY turned out too!

Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out.

I'll try a proper recipe soon, I promise.


Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Yay for your culinary victory!

and for the yummy sounding food.

Sunangel said...

What is 10 Veggie Casserole? Sounds yummy and I need some new recipes. Actually, the pasties sound good also!
Congrats on your new kitchen, can't wait to see the pics.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Well Done! It's just like riding a bike - and this one's a sleek, new, shiny bike compared with the old, heavy, horrible one. You'll do excellently well.

Swift Jan said...

Ye haaa! Glad you got your posh saucepans too!! :D

meg said...

Congratulations of the sucessful christening of your new kitchen!

Crazy Sister said...

Eggs aren't all that easy. I wish I knew how long they're supposed to boil for.

Jen said...

I had complete faith in you! I am so jealous that you can poach eggs. That is something that I can not.

Adelaine said...

Taggy Tag!

Mrs. Tantrum said...

OH! Those pasties sound delicious! I think I need the recipe! I could get Mr. T to eat those right? They aren't too "Hoity Toity" are they? I will tell him they are like "chicken pot pie" and he will gobble them up like a turkey!!

Although they will take forever to cook in my 1997 Sears roebuck oven that is crap. That's okay. At least it is not older than us and ready to explode like your old one!