04 December 2008


I need to thank all of you lovely readers for your kind words on my blog. Especially since I've been crying at the washing line and stupid things like that.

Femina, Dee, Tinsenpup, Musing, Jen, Heather, Longdarkhairblueeyes, Alison, Joy and Mrs Tantrum all were so kind and thoughtful, and Hippomanic Jen even offered to come and help us sift through some of the accumulated stuff that has overgrown various dark corners of the place in the last 5 years.

When I confessed to crying while hanging out washing with a blue party hat on my head, I received such lovely hugs and thoughs from Heather, Swift Jan, Hip-Jen and the Jen with the 3 babies, Crazy Sister, and LDHBE.

Tracy P pointed out (and she's right) that my dearest treasures will be coming with me, and I'm glad that they're all able to throw their arms around me and make me feel much better.

Groovyoldlady was also correct in her observation that my drawings are indeed mediocre. I'm thankful that she enjoyed her first visit here even though she stepped into a sad post. For more of a laugh, read about the nipple-pinching kitchen scissors.

Mrs Tantrum said she felt my pain. It's good to know there's a good friend a short 42-day kayak trip away who understands that party hats are painful. She confessed: "I had to wear a CARS movie party hat to the grocery store the other day on the command of Bacon. It was horrifiying. Every time I attempted to remove it, he screamed like I was beating him within an inch of his life, so I left it on and took in the random stares and smiled. I see now that I should have just put on the waterworks instead."

Funny how some friendships will be changed forever by this move of ours because we'll be further apart :( some will be strengthened because we'll be closer together, and others will be unchanged, because the blogging will go on.

PS: I can't help but notice how under my post about the letter "O", nobody has commented! You've all ganged up on me to leave a big fat "0" down the bottom, to prove that "0" isn't that hard to achieve! Thanks for the lesson, point taken.


Jen said...

I am glad that you are feeling the love. You are very loved you know!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

"O" come on you know we love ya.
I'm catching up. I hardly spent a minute at home yesterday and missed all my peeps on the blogs.

I'm glad the upcoming move is starting to settle with you. You never know what God has in store. You'll probably look back in hindsight one day and say "OK God now I understand why you put me where you put me." It's hard to see when we're in the middle of it.


sandi said...

I am new here, But would love to stay! You remind me a little of myself and that is scary! I too am the clown, or the ring leader in a circus. I too cry over everything, and would have sat on the floor of the old house and sobbed my eyes out and hard a VERY hard time leaving that place! My husband too would have wanted sex in the kitchen.......Thanks for a fun morning on your blog!

Boy Mom said...

Hi, fun blog.

Thanks for the smiles.

Anonymous said...

Nana Tantrum jumping in....moving is difficult whether it is across town, across the country, or a few miles away. I know that when we moved to our home 14 years ago, I stood in the yard and cried like a baby. It wasn't as if I was leaving Mrs. Tantrum and her brother at the "old" house, it was just that, well, we'd made so many memories in the very first house of ours. But guess what? We made lots of memories in the second house! And all of the ones from Mrs. Tantrum and her brother growing up in the first house...well Mrs. De Elba...they are still in my heart and I can look at them any time I need to.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey, I am new here! What a great blog :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

You know, sometimes its the friends who are away that I keep in contact with the best. I make the effort to see them, despite the distance. There have been times where I just haven't caught up with friends who are close geographically because I can see them anytime!

Dee from Downunder said...

Glad I could help in a tiny way. You actually have made me think about how hard it must have been for my parents, esp my mum, when we left our house of 12 years and moved from Victoria to Qld. I am pretty sure she did some crying in a corner somewhere.