05 December 2008

Meme from the burbs

Joy In The Burbs was doing a little meme I thought I'd like to try. Here it is:

Ten years ago I:
* was 21 years 11 months old
* was preparing to marry my best friend in 7 days time, and this means our 10th anniversary is coming up next Friday
* had worked for a year
* had lived in a little flat by myself for a year
* suffered most terribly from horrible panic attacks. But don't worry - God is currently busy restoring the years the locusts have eaten.

Five things on Tomorrow's To-Do List:
* fill our spare beanbag with trillions of little tiny beans so that the endless fights over our one beanbag will be put to rest. (Fights between my kids, not between me and Mr De Elba.)
* 10am - 2pm: go to Mr de Elba's work Christmas Party in the park. We're expecting a scorching 38 degrees C (100 degrees F) and it will be humid too. So a party in the park in the hottest part of the day might just kill us.
* endless pottering about the kitchen
* endless pottering about the laundry
* perhaps my parents will drop in for a little bit, but maybe the heat will keep them up on the mountain in Toowoomba!

Five snacks I enjoy:
* crackers and dip
* chips like Tasty Jacks (Louisa blogged about these and now they're on my mind. Mmm.)
* corn chips too
* macadamia nuts
* dark chocolate

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
* Give to the mission organisations and charities I'm interested in
* Make sure that our parents, who have supported us from infancy to independence are well taken care of
* Set us up to be comfortable but not over-comfortable (yes I know I know, that's all relative, my idea of 'comfortable' is the third world's idea of 'filthy-rich'. Don't make me any more guilty of my blessings than I already am, okay? I'm working through it with God.)
* Set up my children for their education and a little helping hand with their first homes
* See if I could find something wise to invest in.

Five places I have lived:
* Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
* Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia
* Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
* St Lucia, Queensland, Australia
* Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Five jobs I've had:
* An ill-fated three days' employment at Hanna's clothing store before I realised that they gave me a full-time job when I wanted a casual job over Christmas.
* Receiver of paper cuts in a Back-To-School Bookstore.
.......A step up because I knew what I was getting myself in for.
* Speech Pathologist with Disability Services Queensland.
.......A step up because it was what I was trained for.
* Speech Pathologist with Education Queensland.
.......A step up because there were no lying scheming manipulative managers trying to bring me down.
* Speech Pathologist in my own private practice.
.......A step up because I am my own boss, I set my own hours, I see as many clients as I want, and I manage my own workload and professional development.

That was fun. I enjoy memes, probably because I like talking about myself. In fact, I enjoy BLOGGING because I like talking about myself.

Wanna do the meme? Go ahead, then tell me so I can pop over and check out your dark secrets ... about ... your employment history and your snacking habits ... which I could learn from having morning tea with you while reading your CV.


Dee from Downunder said...

Ok, I may do this next week... maybe.. you and I are similar in food likes, and the millionaire thing.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Fun meme! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!
Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jen said...

I like meme's too. They work well when you want to blog and can't think of anything to write.
It is kinda weriding me out that your Christmas is when it will be summer. It is not any where near 100 degrees here more like -100. Not really but you get it, its cold.

Femina said...

I just did it. Enter at your own risk.

Hairline Fracture said...

I love finding out random things about fellow bloggers. I was just explaining to Miss Pink that Australians are having summer right now. She couldn't quite understand how it can be hot at Christmas there!

Boy Mom said...

Speech Pathologist, wonderful, my #4 is in speech still can't consistently say his r's

bfs said...

My family moved to NSW, Sydney, in 1968, and I lived there until February 69. I was SO SHOCKED that it could be hot at Christmas!!!

It froze last night where I live in Texas. We had to cover our plants on the porch, and you have reminded me that OZ is on the other side of cold tonight! ;-)

Heather said...

Okay, I was going to pop in to tell you I've done the meme, but I just noticed you already saw it! So, um, never mind! :)

And yes, not only did I get a royal flush while playing poker in Vegas, but it was the VERY FIRST TIME I'd ever dared play poker in a casino. It was within the first half hour of my sitting down at the table, and for getting *the* hand to beat all hands in poker, I was awarded this craptastic, plasticy-vinylesque card room jacket that is unwearable and smells faintly of manmade, chemical materials. I'd be afraid it would melt if I were too close to a heating source... But it hangs in my closet forever, as a memento of the crazy hand! :)

And I'd like to give a hurrah to you for being a speech pathologist as well, my kiddo had 2 years of ST (she had some expressive language and pragmatic language delays) and she was very fortunate to have a spectacular SP for the second year of therapy. (The first woman she worked with was competent but not amazing...) She tested out of therapy last spring and no longer needs it, yay!

Dee from Downunder said...

I did mine, you may have seen it already....

Red Flashlight said...

Did it. I love writing about myself, too!