28 December 2008

Is anyone exhausted? (Alt. title: "Let's Never Do This Again")

Is anyone exhausted, or is it just me?

My brother-in-law said it very well when, after a quick visit on Christmas Eve en route to The Grandparents' place, he left saying, "Sorry this was a bit of a rush, but you know, that's The Spirit Of Christmas."

And it is, really.

What would Christmas BE without the packing and the rushing and the travelling and the family issues and the managing-children-in-the-car and the managing-children-at-The-Grandparents'-place and the re-packing and the coming home and the unpacking and the assimilating of presents into our house (somewhere, anywhere...)

I wonder what it would be like not to have to worry about the trip away and associated hassles on top of Christmas. To have Christmas largely at your own house. Perhaps pop out quickly for ONE meal to The Grandparents' place then for ANOTHER meal at The Other Grandparents' place, then back to your own place for your own space with your own people and to shower in your own bathroom and sleep in your own bed.

We've never done it. But because we're moving to the same town as both grandparents, it's what we'll be doing from now on. No more sleep-overs; I've always found them hard, now that I'm a grown-up and all.

I confess, I'm a little excited!


Femina said...

Hmmm... is that a little glimmer of excitement about THE MOVE??

Givinya De Elba said...

There are a few glimmers of excitement, and I hang on to them! Another is, amazingly, the weather which is total misery in winter, but is a lot less sticky and humid in summer.

But I struggle pretty hard for others. I think I'll need a bit of prayer!

Sassy Britches said...

Prayers coming your way!

Jen said...

Ooo, that does sound cool. And I am so with you, I am exhausted too.

bfs said...

I'm exhausted -- and our Christmas starts tonight when all my kids arrive!!!

CynthiaK said...

This year we decided not to travel and stay put in our house for the holidays. Usually, we travel to visit family (none live near us) and it's exactly how you describe. Insanity. (all fun, mind you...)

This year has been nothing short of relaxing and enjoyable. Next year we promised we would travel again to see the fams but man, I have to admit that laying low on the homefront has been just glorious!! I highly recommend it once in a while.

Glad to hear you made it through in one piece!

Dee from Downunder said...

I hosted mum and dad this christmas, so it was easy, but I had to do all the washing up - yuck.

Hairline Fracture said...

That is going to be so nice. This was our year to stay home (next year we will go to my MIL's 6 1/2 hours away.) I wish she lived here so we didn't have to make the trip and then miss my side of the family near the holiday!

Heather said...

Oh, I hear you. We arrived home last night and I couldn't be happier. My own bed, my own shower, my own HOME. Ahhhhhhhhh.