16 December 2008


Thankyou for your lovely comments. You make my day on a regular basis (as regular as I post anyway!) Can I share with you what Shelley said? This is priceless:

"My husband says that if you put our two boys in a padded, locked room with no windows and put two bowling balls in there with them, they'd lose one and break the other."

Oh that's so true at our house! Thanks for the laugh, Shelley!

Thanks to Joy for your suggestion of finding a higher shelf to put things on when I don't want Smoochy to touch them. I have often fantasised about a house with shelving up in the highest part of the room and putting every single thing we own up there. Nothing at floor level except the children.

Many people suggest I put things up high, but the higher I put things, the more daring and dangerous Sonny has to become in order to get them down.


Crazy Sister said...

I love Shelley's quote - hope she has it on Blogtations.

"High Shelves" are mythical.

Tracy P. said...

Not to mention that kids just seem to have arms that are longer than we can fathom!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I didn't think of the high shelves as a challenge..haha.
That Shelley comment is hilarious.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I forget what those days are like
my girls are as tall as I am now.

I really have to become creative with hiding spots especially at Christmas time.

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Um, forgo the high shelves because they become more daring acrobats and just pile up every chair, box, cushion, and wild dog that they can find to inch up higher to the forbidden item. Put it in a storage box in the garage until they are like 8. I figure then they SHOULD be old enough to leave it alone.

Whiney Momma said...

I hear ya. I m actually getting rid of the high shelves in our house...too dangerous for the little climbers. I agree with Mrs. Tantrum too!

GreenJello said...

I just learned that anything I had out, no matter what it was or where it was located, would be available for the children to destroy.

So I packed away the stuff I cared about until the kids were older. LOL