26 December 2010

White Christmas

Many of you in the middle of snowdrifts in northern USA are perhaps assuming that here in Australia, we are enjoying our usual Christmas weather:

In fact, thanks to a fickle senorita they name La Nina, it's been like this:

For about a MONTH!  I have endured fortnights of this sort of weather before, but never MONTHS!  And I say "months" in the plural, because look at the long-range weather forecast for the next month:

There is a less than 25% chance that over 50% of us will see more than 60% blue sky in the next month, and only a 12% chance that 75% of us will avoid going 98% completely potty by Autumn.

On a positive note, I see that I can pencil in a Washing Day for 17 January.  Until then, Jessie will have to get her act together during her afternoon sleeps, because it's not that easy to wash and dry bedding in this weather.

Usually, we dream of a White Christmas.  This year, we got it.


Crazy Sister said...


We're going to rot by then.

Givinya De Elba said...

My roses and veggies have started rotting already.

Swift Jan said...

It's rather depressing isn't it.
There is so much humidity in the air today that all our mirrors are foggy. All the time!!
If I dont see another drop of rain for 6 months I will be happy. The bremer river is flooded today.