26 December 2010

A Christmas Poll

Tell me about your Christmas 2010!  I am interested to know!

1.  Where did you spend Christmas 2010?
(a) At my place
(b) At a relative's place close by
(c) At a relative's place a long long long way away
(d) At a friend's place.

2.  How many people did you spend Christmas with?
(a) just me - and I loved it!
(b) just me - and I was lonely
(c) a handful of people - and that's the way I like it
(d) a handful of people - and that was too few/too many
(e) a cast of thousands - and that's how I like my Christmas
(f) a cast of thousands - and could you please pass me a mild sedative and a drink?

3. Overall, how would you describe your Christmas?
(a) relaxing and peaceful
(b) hectic and stressful
(c) dysfunctional
(d) celebratory
(e) spiky
(f) Other: __________

4. What was your policy for gift-giving this Christmas?  You can choose more than one.
(a) I gave to lots of people
(b) I gave to a select few
(c) I spent more than I did last year
(d) I spent less than I did last year
(e) Y'know what?  I didn't give gifts.

5. Did you receive gifts?
(a) Yes, and they were good
(b) Yes, and the money could have been saved, seriously.
(c) Yes, and by happy co-incidence, the giver was ME!
(d) No, and that's exactly what I wanted
(e) No, and I might go off and have a little cry right now.

6. For anyone celebrating Christmas in "bad" weather: please detail gifts that were given or received that cannot be used until the weather gets better.

7.  Please also detail any physical injuries or property damage incurred during the Inside Use of what were rightfully Outside Toys.

8.  Did you get a Christmas Day sleep?
(a) Yes, I did thankyou very much, and it was wonderful
(b) No, and your tone makes me want to poke you in the eye with a table fork.

9.  Christmas Day 2011:
(a) Bring it on, I am looking forward to it already!
(b) It can wait a full 12 months thankyou.
(c) Run Away!

Feel free, dear readers, to answer in the comments section!


Emily Sue said...

1. None of those - I spent it with friends at their house.
2. (c)
3. (f) mostly great
4. (e)... except chocolates and brownies to the houses where I spent Christmas.
5. None from family, some from friends... and the answer is (a) and (b)
6. N/A
7. N/A
8. (a) sort of - fell asleep in front of the telly when I got home and slept late this morning.
9. (b)

Givinya De Elba said...

Sorry Emily Sue - you are SO quick off the mark! You were commenting while I was amending Q1 to include friends. I tend to proof-read once I've published a post, so changes can occur while you're commenting (you're often my quickest commenter!) Thanks for your reply!

Mamma has spoken said...

Good thing I'm able to type and see the post at the same time!
1) my place until the evening then it was at a relatives place close by in that it only took a half hour to get there.
2) e
3)f as in all of the above
4)b and c
5)a and b
6)gave my oldest a chain saw. It's too snowy here to use it. Also one son gave himself and brothers nerf guns. It didn't stop them from using them though, they had an inside nerf gun war. still picking up those foam bullets all around the house.
7). see 6 above.
8). yes a nice long nap indeed!
9) a and b

Jodie said...

1. b
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. a
6. N/A
7. Ha! Thankfully N/A
8. a (and it was a highlight of this Christmas)
9. a Amen!

Andi said...

1. a
2. c
3. a
4. a,c
5. a
7. na...happily very n/a
8. a
9. a
thanks for the little quiz! How fun!

Tracy P. said...

This is what pop-up comment forms are for. I love them.

1. b (two of those)
2. seems like a handful to me--but to a newcomer it might be a cast of thousands. It's just my cousins and their families. And it's perfect.
3. a, for the most part, and some of d with brief moments of b. and c. Because all families are dysfunctional. Aren't we?
4. b and probably about the same as last year
5. a
6. we gave sleds and ice skates--no waiting
7. no injuries or property damage, but several reprimands to one child for standing on the other child's basketball, so possible emotional damage?
8. b
9. b It will be welcome when it comes in what seems like 6 months

Swift Jan said...

1. b
2. d (I do miss sharing christmas with copious amounts of cousins)
3. d
4. a & c
5. a
6. The kids got a trampoline. Mind you the bad weather hasn;t stopped them from using it. Connor also got a cricket set. Impossible to play cricket in muddy slop!
7. N/A
8. b
9. a - I love christmas :)

We want to hear your replies too!!

veiledturnip said...

1. b (1.5hrs drive)
2. e (does 33 adults & one baby sound like a lot?)
3. f: fun & crazy
4. a
5. a
6. no real issue
7. no injuries!
8. b (you think I would have slept during the 3hr car trip to our 2nd Christmas!)
9. b (so much build up and over too fast to make it all seem worthwhile!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

1 b
2 e
3 d
4 a
5 a
6 n/a
7 n/a
8 a
9 a

Crazy Sister said...

1.a) My place! I have to use my HUGE kitchen somehow, you know.
2.c) 6 adults, 5 kids. A manageable bunch all round.
3.d) Celebrating togetherness (awww)
4.b) Gave gifts to my own kids, that's all.
5.a) for the much needed gumboots!
6. Gave the kids scooters. After a while, we just decided to ride them in the rain.
7. Skinned knees aplently.
8. b)No sleep. I tend to do that at night time, though.
9. I'm pretty sure Christmas starts up again in 10 months time, not 12.

Hippomanic Jen said...

1. b
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. a
6. N/A - no kids!
7. N/A
8. a
9. All things in good time.

Heather said...

1)a and then c (Christmas Eve and morning at our house, followed by hopping in the car, driving 5.5 hours and then having Christmas afternoon and evening at my parents' house)

2)c and then e and a little f (3 of us in the morning followed by 25, including 9 kids between age 11 months and 7.5 years, that afternoon/evening)

3) a and d followed by a bit of b, c, e and d

4) a and d

5) a and a tiny bit of c (couldn't resist a pair of microfleece yoga pants while out shopping for stocking stuffers at Target on the 23rd....)

6) Um, I didn't get any "have to wait until the snow lets up" things this year. Whew.

7) There were a few close calls with the kid and her cousins' brand-new Light Sabers (x3).... but no actual injury or property damage, at least that got reported to any grown-ups...

8) a but also b - I napped fitfully for about an hour and a half in the car on the way to my parents' as I was suffering a terrible migraine and trying mightily not to either vomit or die.

9) A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A! I love Christmas - spiky relatives and horrific migraines notwithstanding!

How was YOURS, my dear?

Hairline Fracture said...

How fun!
1) At my place in the morning, and at my parents' house for Christmas dinner and the afternoon

2) c

3) a


5)a--a VERY generous gift card from my parents, stocking stuffers that are really presents, and perfume from my husband

6) None.

7) None, although I was a little worried about giving my son a Stomp Rocket that was used indoors

8) I tried, but wasn't sleepy enough to nap. This is only because I had been sleeping in all week.

9) B! And C!

Caitlin said...

1. a then b then a. Woke up at our house, openned half the presents, headed over to Mum's, came back in the afternoon and openned the rest of the presents in between creating the roast turkey and vegies for evening meal with the family.
2. c My immediate family and offspring. Makes 14 including kids. That's a handful?
3. b. but loads of fun! It's the most fun you can have while you are stressed!
4. a) I love it! I have to buy all year through though, otherwise I would go broke in December.
5. a. Very blessed.
6. Mostly indoor gifts, so that was a stroke of luck in this rain!
7. Phew! I'm so glad I don't need to answer this one.
8. b. My husband did though, and I wanted to poke him.
9. a.

Now, I'm most interested to hear what this data is being collated for?