23 December 2010


Last year I bought these cute little Christmas stockings, and, too cheap to buy pre-cut felt letters, I painstakingly cut these letters out and stuck them on and don't they just look so perfect?

I was delighted with how they turned out (I even left one blank one for me and Mr de Elba to share!  Having a Christmas stocking will keep us young, I reasoned.)   I was so excited to start another Christmas tradition, and pictured us using these darling little stockings for years to come.

One year to come, it seems.

For this year, they are lost.  Totally lost.  I have searched high and low for them for weeks.  The last time I saw them was a few months ago when I cleared out the linen cupboard, found them, and thought, "I'd better put these with the Christmas stuff."  Surely, you'd think, they would have been in the Christmas stuff when we went to put up the tree this year?  Nope.

Back in the linen cupboard?  Nope.

In some handy storage place somewhere else in the house?  Nope.

My cupboards?  Buzz's?  Jessie's?  Woody's?  Mr de Elba's?  Nope.

Any sensible place in the house?  Nope.

Any unsensible place in the house?  Nope.

For ease, I will now list for you where I have not yet checked:

  • the filing cabinet
  • the radiator of the car
  • the shed
  • inside an old CRT TV

That's all.  I've looked everywhere else, I promise.  It seems that they have made their way into some cardboard box of junk and gone to the dump.

There's no other explanation.


Emily Sue said...

They are probably with the zucchini that I had in my hand this evening, ready to grate for the meal I was making. I temporarily decided against that meal and put the zucchini down somewhere. No idea where. I can only assume (hope) I chucked it out when I threw out the other dead veges tonight... or I'll find it in the freezer three weeks from now...

Swift Jan said...

They are terribly cute! And what a shame that they have gone missing :( I do hope that they miraculously make an appearance!

Crazy Sister said...

How disappointing.

Didn't we have that theory when we were younger that Santa actually supplied his gift-giving by stealing something from every house he visited?

That could explain it...

MUM said...

Did you look up the chimney?

Joni Llanora said...

That's sad! They are so gorgeous. I'm sure you'll find them, after Christmas, they always do.

Tracy P. said...

Oh no! I'm with Joni. They'll show up in a couple of weeks.

Mamma has spoken said...

You'll find them. Probably around Easter, and then you'll put them in a place where you won't forget until next Christmas when you can't find them. Yes it will be a vicious circle that is never ending.....

CynthiaK said...

Oh, no! And after all of that effort. They are pretty darned adorable. Very sad.
I bet they turn up on January 3rd.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I wish I knew where they were so that I could remind you and you could use them.

But I don't.

(Helpful, aren't I?)