20 June 2010


Scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capate, hamate.

The eight bones of the wrist.

WHY can I remember those from my anatomy lectures 16 years ago, but I can't remember to send Buzz's library book to school with him on Monday mornings?

Sigh.  I guess it's because I don't have tutors to teach me rude mnemonics for remembering library books.

- - - - -
Those are the versions of the names we learned in our lectures.


Swift Jan said...

I am still baffled you can remember stuff from your lectures 16 years ago!!!!

I can't remember stuff from college (except the important stuff) OR the library/puzzle bag for Ella's kindy!

P.S Dan's wants you to post the rude words....

Emily Sue said...

Will this help?

Monday morning, Monday's dawn
Scoop the dog poo off the lawn
Feed the baby, make the bed
Brush the knots on Jessie's head

Monday morning, clear and bright
Wash the dishes from last night
Make the coffee, strong and sweet
Put clean socks on Woody's feet

Monday morning, fresh and new
Make a list of things to do
Say good morning, kiss the cook
Remember Buzz's library book!

G3 said...

What a great poem, Emily Sue! The only line I'd modify would be 'put pink socks on Woody's feet' ;-). Have you seen his rather fetching pair of pink socks?

Givinya, would you like a text reminder in the morning? I'm quite good at those. I'm just a bit crap at remembering these sorts of things myself and I'm quite sure I remember virtually nothing from my three years at uni!

Emily Sue said...

I didn't see the pink socks - perhaps he asked for them to be hidden before my visit??

Tracy P. said...

Our school has a four day cycle and a five day week, so library is on a different day every week. We have a LOT of overdue books!!

Heather said...

I just want to know the rude mnemonic for the wrist bones......

My own mind is chock-full of lyrics to songs from the pop charts back in the 80s, as well as the lyrics to every Wiggles song done up through about 2006 (along with corresponding choreography). Sigh.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Love the poem Emily Sue, and must admit to a certain curiosity about the Mnemonic.

Crazy Sister said...

It's insane that you had to learn that to study Speech. I remember you used to write all over the coresponding parts of your hand.

So, those are the versions of the names you learned, not the real names? Cause "trapezium and trapezoid" surely can't be bone names...

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Why can I remember that Nero played the fiddle on the side of the road while peeing and watching Rome burn but need a days of the week pill box to take my medications?

Yeah, small children eat your brain....