19 June 2010

Enjoying Today

"I'll see you later Mum," Buzz shouted over his shoulder as he raced out the door.  "Woody!  I'm leaving!"  Woody raced down the hall lugging his AFL bag and collided with Jessie who was heading out to meet some friends.

"Hang on - do you need to take something to eat?" I asked.  "An apple?"

"Already got one, Mum," called Buzz, over his shoulder.  I looked at the fruit bowl.  "One?"

"Okay, a couple.  Maybe six-ish.  We'll be fine.  C'mon, Woods!  Where are my keys?"

I tossed his car keys over to him and followed my big boys out to their car and watched them throw their footy gear in the boot, jump in, start the engine and head off down the street.

Then I shook myself out of the daydream.

I went and changed Baby Woody's nappy and helped Buzz with his homework (find some words that start with 'm' in the newspaper, cut them out and stick them in, draw some mushrooms and marshmallows, find some things around the house that are metal, sing the Munching Mike song, draw some 'm's in the air with our fingers ...)

I made a mental note not to wish it all away.


veiledturnip said...

A timely reminder to not get caught up in it all and miss out on enjoying the now as soon it will be gone.

Crazy Sister said...

Good thing your kids of the future are into apples, not Snickers. That's encouraging.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I'm sorry that I made that crack about you having a 17 yo during the week. It's obviously had side effects. Enjoy your little kids while you've got them.

PS lovely comment you left at my place ;)

Mamma has spoken said...

Yes, enjoy them at this stage, believe it or not, this is the easier times..

~Taz~ said...

aww Munching Mike!!!! i just taught that to my prep's a few weeks ago!! :) lol

Emily Sue said...

Well, since they won't be allowed out unchaperoned until they're 35, this is obviously still quite a while away, right?

Jen said...

Pretty soon, it will be like this. I am sure it will like a blink of an eye.

Hairline Fracture said...

It's so strange to think of my kids becoming teenagers--yet I know you're right, it will happen sooner than I think.

Tracy P. said...

I love to imagine the people they are becoming. It makes me relish today, as well. The variety of stages is such a delightful gift.