11 June 2010

Go Fish!

Our family is right into the music of Go Fish.    Every day on the way to school we pump up "I've got the Joy" (listen to part of the song here) and when we cook, we dance around the kitchen to the Ten Commandment Boogie and Acapella Sound, both can be heard in part here.  Christmas at our house is filled with the sounds of their album Snow - but unless you've got a hot tip that I haven't, if you want this album you might need to order it from the US (that's what I did.  And at the same time, I decided oh what the hey, I'll get their Party Like a Preschooler album as well.  )

Can you imagine the excitement at our place to hear that there is a new album (complete with DVD and a VBS curriculum!  Midgets, here I come!) due for release in August?  Yes!  The Go Fish Guys are Kickin' It Old School!


Now here's a very cool thing.  Go Fish is letting us (the world, not just our special special family) listen to an entire song from their new album each day on their website.  They say that if you become a friend of theirs on Facebook, you can access the page where they are posting their songs.

Not being a Facebooker myself (for fear of old highschool losers catching up with me) I thought I wouldn't be able to do this, but I found that if I went to their page, I was able to click on the little pink "Kickin' It Old School" icon and go to the place where they're posting their new songs one by one.

It's been worth it! Get in quickly and you might still find Sweet Song Of Salvation / I Love To Tell The Story before the next song goes up there.

And if you're in the US or Canada, they might give you a pre-release copy for $15 if you become a friend of theirs on Facebook.  I'm sure they'd do it for ME, but they say they don't want to ship it to Australia.  If I simply can't wait, I will ask them nicely if they will.

Don't want to get into Facebook?  Check this little clip of one of my favourite hymns which appears on Jamie the Go Fish Guy's blog:   Blessed Assurance.

Now if that doesn't get your toes tapping and your mind shouting "Woo-Hoo!" during a quiet moment in church, I don't know what will!


This was not an Advertisement.  Go Fish have never heard of me.  But once they realise I am their biggest Australian fan, they will come and perform at Easterfest and then at our church for the Easter Sunday service.  I have it all planned.


Hippomanic Jen said...

And I will come to see them, too. Even if I have no kids to bring.

Ro Magnolia said...

Oh, that was cool. Never heard of them before (probably because I don't have kids!) but I loved their version of Blessed Assurance. I'll have to check them out some more. Thanks for introducing them to me ... well, not personally introducing them, but you know what I mean ... although if you ever CAN personally introduce them, I wouldn't be opposed to that either! ;)

Crazy Sister said...

I love your reason for avoiding Facebook.

Swift Jan said...

OH MY!!!! Never heard of Go Fish before but i love them!!!! I think you should email them inviting them to Easterfest!

Joy said...

How fun. I could see our 5th 6th graders loving this at church.

If you got on facebook and used Givinya as your name we would know who you are and all the highschool weirdos wouldn't so
join us on fb. ok.
♥ Joy