07 May 2010


TGIF. Literally.

There are many things to thank God for on Fridays, I find. I love Fridays. When I'm working in between children, I usually work a half day or a full day on a Friday. That way, every day has a pleasant TGIF feeling about it.

And when I say TGIF, I mean literally, T. the real G. that I.F.

You see, I often am struck by how blessed I am to live in a country where a girl can be educated. I am very thankful for that, and I am also thankful that I made it through school and university, events which stun me afresh each time I get to pondering.

I am thankful for my first terrible job which taught me how to duck and weave through the minefield of middle management. It taught me that if you have several different bosses, quietly clarifying Boss A's unreasonable requests with Boss B can be a bad idea. It taught me that Boss A and Boss B could possibly be in a relationship with each other. It taught me never to discount possibilities like that simply because Boss A and Boss B are both women.

I am thankful for my second wonderful job in which I got plenty of practise in the basic skills of my profession, and had the opportunities to work with brilliant colleagues, inspirational school staff and to attend some wonderful professional development.

I am thankful for my first job in a private practice where I learned about running my own small business. I worked with some wonderful, generous, helpful therapists, and will always be in their debt.

And now I am thankful to join a new practice a short walk from my new home in my new town. Fridays are again quite wonderful. After a day of using my brain to its potential in my magnificent new practice, I walk home to my house (which seems cleaner and tidier than when I left it although it isn't,) and my children (who seem happier and calmer and nicer-smelling than when I left them although they're pretty much the same,) and my husband (who seems a little more dashingly handsome than when I left him, which is WOW because did you see him before?) and there in the slow cooker is a half-leg of lamb slowly simmering in gravy and vegetables.

On Fridays I am reminded of so many things I need to be thankful for.


Mamma has spoken said...

Ah you make work sound so nice....

Joy said...

Yay for Friday's and your work that you enjoy.
Do you all eat lamb a lot. I guess it just isn't a staple here like it is there.

♥ Joy

John Ross said...

Indeed, you seem to lead a quite blessed, if not charmed life....as do most of us who are able to read your nice posts online, although not necessarily because of that. Ok, that too. Thanks for reminding us, and yes, T.G.I.F.

Hippomanic Jen said...

So glad to hear that you're back to enjoying your Fridays. I forgot that you are working again when I rang. I guess that means that a trip to Toowoomba this Friday isn't going to be a great idea, hey?

Givinya De Elba said...

You RANG? Oops. I must go and check my messages.

Crazy Sister said...

I love the demise of the strict "School Night" routine on Fridays. Let the lunchboxes stay in the bag. Who cares about homework. Bedtime is slightly more optional.


Givinya De Elba said...

Er, you know, some School Nights here are like that. Lunchboxes, homework and bedtimes, and all that. I'll get better at this thing.