14 May 2010

A Grim Task Completed

I loved your interpretations of the pictures, especially from those who hadn't read this post!

I didn't want to complain to the deputy principal about our snarky lollipop lady.  I don't like complaining, and I didn't want to be "that Mum."  But her serial unkindness to children and their parents was really bothering me.

The toilet picture referred to my childish hopes for her career, not a half-baked plan to give her a "swirly."  (A what?  Yes, I wondered that too.  Thanks be to Urban Dictionary for filling me in on what a "swirly" is, and also some frightening alternative meanings for that term.  Always enter Urban Dictionary cautiously.)

It's funny how sometimes facing the meeting you most fear turns out to be the best thing you could have done in the situation.  The deputy principal understood my concerns, assured me that there were similar concerns from other parents, and said she thought it was time to have "another" chat to the lady with the stop sign about her approach to diplomacy outside the school gate.

Thankyou for supporting me and urging me to go to the school with my concerns.  I know that I can rely on my friends to give the right advice, and where patient negotiation fails, I know I always have some great friends to give her the stink eye as they drive past.  Thanks BB!  I'm glad you're on MY side!

Next up - a post about a cool new shortcut I've found to toilet training.


Emily Sue said...

I sincerely hope that in your chat with the deputy you mentioned Buzz saying to you "that lady said she never wanted to see me again"... because that just about broke my heart (and make me want to break the lollipop lady's legs).

Heather said...

Good for you!! I had to complain about my kid's afternoon bus driver and was feeling similarly to you about doing so. I did this past Monday and the problem (he was turning off the STOP ALL TRAFFIC red, flashing lights and stop sign before my 6 year old had finished safely crossing the street) was resolved the next day. I was relieved.

I'd totally give her the stink eye if only I were close enough to drive by and do so!

Jen said...

If you have found a short cut to potty training, I am ALL ears. Trust me.

Crazy Sister said...

Here's hoping she mends her ways.

Or gets squashed.