30 May 2010

... if you can believe that.

This time last week, my little girl was most definitely in nappies.  "When will you do wee on the toilet?" I'd ask.  "When I'm bigger," she'd reply.

You may remember that I'd despaired of the situation and decided that washing clean clothes was just as productive as putting real effort into toilet training.

She had tried the world of underwear before, with little success. Once the undies were on, she's declare her desperate need to go and ablute, but instead would sit there shouting, "C'mon, bottom!" and "Wee?!  Where are you?" until she gave up, got dressed and walked around the house having toileting accidents as she went.

Then last Monday morning, she decided to wear underwear.  Unlike the other times she has made this decision however, she backed this up with 100% success with doing wees on the toilet.

What did I miss?

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Something else to do with toilets, then I'm done:


Tracy P. said...

All those girls who told us training a girl would be so much easier than training a boy didn't know OUR girl very well! Our pediatrician was right when she told us not to let it become a power struggle because she would do it when she was ready.

Priceless photo!

Heather said...

I am forever having to tell my child that the bathroom (specifically whilst using the toilet) is neither the time nor place for a snack. *shudder*

Hippomanic Jen said...

Well, I know I'm visiting you this week.

And I know that I've eaten in some strange places at your house, particularly when Jessie was "cooking".

Please don't make me eat in your loo.

Crazy Sister said...

Wow, toilet training in winter! That's fun.

May it last.