02 May 2010

Random thoughts about three random children

Today, my little girl Jessie said the word "mosquito."

Sob, sob.

She used to say "segito." (It was so cute!)

When will "bisketti" turn into "spaghetti," when will "dame-coze" fill out into "daytime clothes" and when will "macky" make way for "nappy?"

Oh, the growing up is killing me.

On a completely different note, the big boy Buzz has been lovely recently, just lovely. He usually eats a big helping of whatever dinner I serve up, and says "You're just like a chef" two or three times. What's with that? That's so nice. I won't tell him that he's overstating the case a little.

And the other day when my wet drippy hair was hanging down, wetting my shirt, he said, "That's lovely hair, mum!" He says the same when it's in hot rollers, and can't quite understand why I take the rollers out instead of showing off my nice do.

And on a note that is completely different to that, Jessie and her baby brother Woody were in the bath tonight, sharing an ice block. Once dinner is finished, things are usually a bit messy and it's hard to imagine adding dessert mess to the mix, so eating ice blocks in the bath seems perfectly logical to me.

Poor little baby boy. He enjoyed being offered bites of the ice block, but he did not enjoy having it planted on his back as an experiment to see what babies do when ice is placed on their bare backs.

And by the sudden paroxysm of kicking and weird facial expressions, one can only assume he didn't like the sensation of having a stray chunk of ice block dropping under the water and lodging under his boy bits.


Swift Jan said...

ROFL... poor little Joseph!!!

And wow... Little A-L needs to stop growing up!!

And your Nat is a sweet heart! I hope he stays that way forever :)

CraftyMummy said...

I started with: awww... I remember feeling that a lot with "cute" words changing to "real" words

Then I read more and thought: what a sweety! He's a keeper ;-)

But finally I just laughed!! Poor little lad! Great idea to do ice blocks in the bath though - why didn't I ever think of that?

Mamma has spoken said...

That Nat will be a lady killer with his sweet words......

Heather said...

When my kid was very small, she decided the correct way to pronounce applewas bappy. We had the book Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb and there was a bit that said "Hand picks an apple, hand picks a plum" and whenever we'd get to that page, she'd yell out "HAND PICKS A BAPPY!!!" It was so stinkin' cute.

We've since told her that she used to call apples bappies, and now she'll say it from time to time to be cute, and it just.... isn't.

Hippomanic Jen said...

You have three delightful children. I guess that bricks on their heads doesn't stop them growing up, but it's worth a try, surely?

Anonymous said...

Imagine Jessie telling Grandma on the phone that she's wearing her dame-coze and macky, eating bisketti, and she's got segitoes! Translator no longer necessary.

veiledturnip said...

It's so sad watching them grow up - but there is joy in seeing the fruit of our efforts (or even the fruit that just appears out of no-where)!!

Crazy Sister said...

I also mourn the passing of speech idiosyncracies. It's so darn cute.

Scurrette said...

Those pesky rogue ice blocks... That boy will be scarred for life!

The Accidental Housewife said...

Wow, your kids are gorgeous. But then they will still be gorgeous in five, ten years, just in a different way - growing up is not all bad!

I was stoked today when I realised baby can now answer yes or no by shaking her head - no more peering down the back of her macky, she can just tell me if there is a little surprise down there. Bliss!

Joy said...

If I had boy bits I wouldn't want ice floating around those parts either. How funny.
Sorry you have segitoes over there too. At our house we always wonder why God made those annoying things. They sure like to munch on my girls too.
♥ Joy

CynthiaK said...

If only we could freeze them in certain moments in time. Like when they pronounce things so hilariously and sweetly. Or when they compliment you even though you're not looking your best. Or when they finally decide that Mom's had enough of buying diapers and gets on with the flippin' potty training already...um, oh. Sorry about that. Guess I twigged into my own little fantasy there... ;)

rhubarbwhine said...

Yep. I hear you. We still say 'a bit of a ploblem' and several other expressions, yet child is well grown out of that stage. It's become part of our own special household culture. I like it that way.

(Great finish to your post!)