25 December 2009

Thankyou God, for Jesus!

At this time of year I am so humbled.  In the words of Adrian Plass: "Isn't God NICE?" 

'Nice' and 'Kind' are words that go 1% of the way towards describing how gracious God was to send a Saviour for us.

What a wonderful day, full of fun and family, and a bit of food too!  And of course, we celebrated God's gift to us by giving gifts to each other, and that was a whole heap of good fun.  I won't post much about what was given and received, lest the ubiquitous "robbers" my children are always talking about come and steal our stuff.  Because let me tell you, looking at how blessed with "stuff" we are, the robbers wish they were us.

I must go to bed now because we have another huge day of fun, family and food coming up tomorrow.  I will leave you with this summary of the day, said in style on the packaging of the little water pistols that Nat and Anna-Lucia received:

Today was "O" for "AWESOME."


Femina said...

"O" for "AWESOME". Oh boy. I'm totally using that as often as possible.

God is absolutely o-for-awesome, first for Jesus and then for wonderful things like friends and food and family and great days... all things that are just a bonus because he loves us and delights to give us good things.

Glad you had a good day, my friend, and I hope tomorrow is equally awesome.

Tracy P. said...

O for Awesome! That is hilarious! Love your post and Femina's comment equally well. Humbling.

Swift Jan said...

O for awesome indeed!!!

Thank you God xxoo

Joy said...

O-some in deed. Leave it to our friends in China.

♥ joy