05 December 2009

Google Ads crack me up

I was watching (I don't know why) the Youtube video below. It featured a live ginger cat looking up at a spinning fan which was swiftly replaced by a toy ginger cat sitting on top of the fan as it spun.

Ha ha ha, I don't think, hence the two stars it had been given.

But then a Google Ad popped up:

That's comedy.

What funny/silly/crazy Google Ads have you seen on blogs, Youtube or beside your Gmail?


Femina said...

I haven't noticed any ads but now you've just given me a new method of procrastination. Awesome! (Housework? What housework?)

Givinya De Elba said...

Housework? Nope, I don't see any housework over here ...

stefanie said...

My favorite was the recipe for Spam Fajitas (YUM! Let's try that one now!)that Google provided as I was checking my Spam folder.

Anonymous said...

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