12 May 2009

A Whole Box o' Buzz

Remember how Sonny Ma-Jiminy bought a Woody with his birthday money?

That day, he decided he would also get a Buzz Lightyear with his birthday money. Problem: his money only covered Woody.

Since then, he has been saving up. None of our shops are sticking Buzz right now, but I have high hopes that they will soon. Ebay has some pretty expensive second-hand Buzzes, but I'm keeping my eye on them anyway.

Then JOY oh JOY a small neighbour lent Sonny his Buzz! (Imagine the fights between Sonny and Smoochy over Buzz! They only replaced the fights over Woody.)

And a few days later - JOY oh JOY - the same small neighbour didn't want Buzz back right then, but instead lent Sonny a different coloured Buzz! (Imagine the fights over the NEW Buzz!)

Then we went to visit 'Rehab,' also known as Crazy Sister's house, and JOY oh JOY, Harpo had a Buzz too! Identical to one of Sonny's borrowed ones. And both mothers thought, 'How are we going to return the correct Buzzes with all pieces intact later in the week?'

Our first strategy was to put all Toy Story-related items in a box:
But they didn't stay there for long.

Our second strategy was to cleverly notice that one of the identical Buzzes had a distinguishing mark on it. We're nothing if not clever.

And then we were clean out of strategies.

Now a piece is missing from one of the soon-to-be-returned Buzzes, and although it MUST be somewhere at Rehab, we simply can't find it.



Hippomanic Jen said...

I have no clue.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Helpful, huh?

Joy said...

Too bad Buzz Lightyear can't actually do the job he's suppose to do. He'd find that missing part.
If only life were a cartoon....


GreenJello said...

The dog ate it. Wait until he pukes.

Femina said...

Hand it back at the same time that you loan the other child some exciting toy of Sonny's? That way his attention is distracted and by the time he notices the missing part it will be days later and hopefully you'll be able to hmm and haw and imply (without actually lying) that he might have lost the part himself.

Sassy Britches said...

Give them the Rehab Buzz and hope Harpo doesn't notice the missing piece from the borrowed one that now belongs at Rehab!

Jen said...

return the most complete buz and hope for the best?

Swift Jan said...

Um, not sure really... sorry!! I hope you figure it out though! Good luck xx

Crazy Sister said...

Buy the toy from the neighbour, then bomb Pixar studios so they stop putting us through these sorts of ordeals.

That toy part is sooooooo lost. It is NOWHERE.

Sassy Britches' suggestion would work if Harpo's Buzz still had that part... and if it hadn't been the wrong colour Buzz.