03 May 2009

A Movement of God?

You know I'm not ready to get into the church-shopping roundabout, I know I'm not ready to get into the chuch-shopping roundabout, but the rest of the world is being a PITA.

"And which church will you be attending now that you're in Toowoomba?" they ask. I wonder how many people know right off which church they will fit with, be comfortable in and be able to find a niche in this soon after moving? It's ridiculous and unrealistic, but hey, so are many Christians! Not you or me, of course. We're perfect.

So, taking the path of least resistance, I thought it easiest if we just picked a church - any church - and started going. I didn't pressure myself to really get into it, but I did want to go. That way, I can tell people that I'm actually going somewhere, without having to have been intellectually present during the 2 hours of actual church. Sorry that's not particularly triumphant or spiritual, but it's honest. I figure that if God can take my honesty, so can you (or stop reading my blog!)

I'm glad I went. I had a wonderfully refreshing experience that helped me enjoy being in a church that wasn't, you know, my church.

I met a lovely girl who introduced herself at the beginning of the service and we chatted a bit. During the service, she got up to pray for issues that had been mentioned to her over the week.

Some people (like me) use real, everyday language when we pray. We might ask God to "comfort someone" or to "show someone the right choice to make in their situation" or to "encourage someone by showing them Your power and love."

Other people like to use The Lingo of their particular church. They might pray that in certain situations, God will "do a mighty work" or that we'll "see a movement of God's spirit." Whatever wording floats their boat.

But never before have I heard someone - up the front of a church - into a microphone - in the solemn genre of prayer - ask God to "do a movement."

"...so Lord, we pray that you'll, you know, do a movement there."

"Do a Movement?"

Did I hear that right?

Yes, I did.

And lo, under the roof of a church, I once again had great joy.


Lauren said...

That would also bring me great joy. :) I'm glad you're getting settled in and enjoying yourself!

Femina said...

Hahahahaaa - amen, sister! My friend's father-in-law, who is a minister and conducted their wedding, prayed at the wedding that the bride and groom would be loving and gracious in times of disagreement or argument, and when they rub each other up the wrong way. A fine thing to pray... except what he said was, "Lord, we pray that you'd be with them when they rub up against each other..."

Crazy Sister said...

That's a beautiful moment! I'll never get over our pastor talking about the Jews and the Genitiles. Yes, Genitiles.

Heather said...

LOL at the movement and LOL at Femina's comment as well! :D

Have you ever seen the list of church bulletin misprints that has been circulating the interwebz for ages now?


Hee!! Even though I've read it many times before, it always cracks me up!

Glad you have found a place to go (oooh, trying very hard not to have a movement pun here) for the time being. Facing that dilemma ourselves in just a few more weeks!

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

Thank Goodness we have a Father with a sense of humor, huh!? We are made in His image, after all! And a Spirit who interprets for us with words that cannot be understood! And a Jesus Who intercedes and pleads our miserable cases!

Not irreverent at all. Real...just like God. Thank you for stopping by this morning. Angels around you.

Joy said...

That might be worth sticking around for.
Glad you came from church with your load lightened.


Kris said...

When I was a kid, my minister last name was Gay. The Sunday he was gone to his mother's funeral, the asst minister was going over prayer requests. He said "Please make sure you pray for the Gays." In the 70's that sounded utterly goofy to hear in church!

Tracy P. said...

That would be a very special fertilizer--maybe that's exactly what's needed! Oh too funny.

Sassy Britches said...

I'm having trouble picturing God on the potty. :P

Jen said...

perfect just perfect.

Hairline Fracture said...

Hahaha! As a preacher's daughter, I've got a million funny church stories.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the staff pastors was preaching from the 23rd Psalm and somehow he got to talking about how during mating season, the ram is "saying" to the ewe, "Hey baby, you look good--I like your wool. Let's get it on."

I was having a hard time keeping my composure.

Givinya De Elba said...

What a crack-up! I bet everyone was laughing - no need to keep your composure!

Swift Jan said...

LOL Did you laugh out loud? I so would have!!

GreenJello said...

LOL!!! I would have had a very, very hard time keeping quiet. I don't hold laughter in well. (Example: Mother-in-Law's funeral during the Serious And Solemn Family Prayer)