18 April 2009

A Week in Pictures

Over the packing, moving and unpacking weeks I thought of several interesting things to blog about. But unlike Crazy Sister, I am not good with the pencil and notebook thing, so I've forgotten it all. Typical. Instead, here are some pictures to show what we've been up to.

The last morning in our old house, and some pics that Sonny took outside:

The Packing:

This was the bit that I hated, all OCD-75% of me:
(Yes, I let a MAN pack my car! That is why the grass-encrusted whippersnipper was an inch away from the clean pizza trays - poor things were left in the oven until after the packers had gone. But bless his heart for packing the car for me.)


Sleeping at Grandma's:

The beginning of the FIRSTS: our new home! And of course, the unpacking:

How a 75% OCD woman coped. Put the mugs together, flatten the packing paper into little piles, label the boxes nicely:

First dinner together as a family in our new home ... just about to head off to EASTERFEST (formerly the Australian Gospel Music Festival - now we live in the town where it's held):

The 'smile' of The Startled:

The best vantage point when you're four and you're exhausted:

What Daddy could see:

And kept coming back to see:

Smoochy Girl's second birthday!

The cupcakes were not as much a success as Sonny's cupcakes a few weeks ago:

It's fun starting all the new firsts. Although I still don't feel I was "done with" Ipswich and ready to move, I hope that the happy memories there will fade pleasantly and these new memories will continue to be made.


Stranded in Stepford said...

Thanks for the pictures!!! I Loooovvee (with a capital L) your new kitchen! White cabs and dark countertops get me every time. . .

I'm glad you're 'there' already. Now you can take a breath and relax. :)0

Stranded in Stepford said...

Oh and btw: I saw that last pic and recognized peanut straight away even before I remembered that Crazy Sister really is your sister! Luckily I hadn't gotten the entire Interpol Kidnapper reporting number dialed before I made the connection. . .

Hairline Fracture said...

May you have many wonderful memories in your new house.

Tracy P. said...

Those cupcakes look pretty fabulous to me! Look at you making happy memories already. Tears be gone! (Yes, I know--strange thing to tell a pregnant woman--but may most of them be tears of joy.)

Many blessings to all of you!

Joy said...

Your pictures are worth a 1000 words as they say. They tell the story well.
Didn't know Smoochy turned two during the middle of all this.
Cute cupcakes.

Swift Jan said...

WHat a couple of weeks!!

Your new house is loverly!! I was so pleased to come & visit you the other day...

I am sure MANY happy memories will be made there :D


Jen said...

The pictures were great! I know that you will be making happy new memories in no time. :)