05 April 2009

Pathologically Disagreeable

My girl is a Very Happy Being ...

... most of the time. Perhaps 80% of the time. The rest of the time, she is unhappy, and assertively so. And most of this grumpy 20% of the time, she is terribly cute.

Here is an example of one of the absurd conversations that can occur when she's in the mood to disagree. At the time, I was being very economical with my words. She was eating fruit, and I didn't want to clutter the moment with excess verbiage.

Me (looking at my girl): Love!
Smoochy: I not love!!

Five minutes later, she was still eating fruit ...

Me (walking absent-mindedly around the kitchen): Hmm. Good.
Smoochy: Don't say dat! Don't say dat 'good'.
Me: You're gorgeous!
Smoochy: I not gor-ja.
Me (trying to put a positive spin on something): Good kiwi-fruit.
Smoochy (who had been enjoying it): A-Yuck.

(Pause. Smoochy ate more, and continued to enjoy it despite what she'd just said.)

Smoochy: Mmm. Yum!

(Ate some more, pulled a face and tried to pick something off her tongue.)

Me: Trouble?
Smoochy: I not trouble!

So there you go. I didn't understand it either. She is programmed for self-assertion, and disagreeing with everything is one way she can achieve that.

So this is where I'm going: have you seen the Mr Men and Little Miss T-shirts? I've often thought about getting shirts for my kids, but I can't decide which one. Here is a sample of the range ...

but a lot of them don't suit, least of all the final one. Little Miss Sunshine would be perfect for 80% of the time. But what of the other 20%?

Here are some of my suggestions. I have had to Photoshop a Little Miss Bossy shirt in order to show you some of the contenders for a t-shirt for Smoochy's Other 20%.

And then I remember that it IS only 20% we're talking about. And perhaps it's a little harsh being forced to wear a Little Miss Petulant shirt when you're too young to read the shirt anyway.
Then I made a shirt that I believe encapsulates Smoochy's Other 20% much better. It's not that she was born disagreeable, irritable or petulant. She is just a girl who like to be in command, and chooses displeasure to keep herself there. So here's a shirt I photoshopped for her - the perfect shirt for Smoochy:


Tracy P. said...

Oh, you could sell those!!

Jen said...

I so need some of those shirts for Claire.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I like the last one! I thank the Lord all the time that I had all boys. They are all laid back, easy going, and fun - MOST of the time. But then again, they're well past the potty training age - one has a wife and 4 kids, the other has school and 2 jobs, and the 3rd is making his way through the 5th grade. Don't know if I could survive those days again...

Swift Jan said...

Your smoochy really IS gorgeous!!

She was very cutely showing my CC the woody doll at church & clearly telling us that Andy was written on his shoe! So cute!!

Swift Jan said...

Your smoochy really IS gorgeous!!

She was very cutely showing my CC the woody doll at church & clearly telling us that Andy was written on his shoe! So cute!!

stefanie said...

My daughter has the Little Miss Sunshine shirt.

Did you know those characters come from a series of books? They were some of my girls' favorites. We never owned any, they borrowed them from the church library. The ladies in the church library would have been lonely if they didn't have those books.

I know a lot of grown up women who could wear out that last shirt. Smoochy's behavior just might be more grown up than theirs.

Sassy Britches said...

Yesssss! I think it is so cool how you were so insightful to note that it is just that she likes to be in command, and displeasure is how she keeps it. I love that!

Joy said...

Market the shirt that shows 20% of Smoochy's personality and keep 100% of the profits.

Love it!


Louisa said...

I love you! I agree, you should absolutely print this for Smoochy, and while you are at it, for LP too please!!! :)

Crazy Sister said...

Oh yes, we have most of the Mr Men and Little Miss books from childhood, some with their 19c pricetags. They're $5 each now!

Dee from Downunder said...

love that last shirt, would suit my little "princess" too