09 April 2009

Absurd Google Talk Conversation

Heather and I have been sharing our struggles in the lead-up to buying and selling houses recently. Sometimes the absurd takes over from the miserable though. This is what you get:

Heather: shoot me now, please

Kate: only if you shoot me first. we should do the thirty paces thing with the quickdraw

Heather: sounds like a plan :P how's YOUR day been?

Kate: would they rule that a double homicide or two simultaneous murder-suicides? or two murders and two conspiracy-to-murders? Oooh, that'd be a lot of paperwork. Suckers.

Heather: knowing my luck today, we'd both miss and hit a koala or three.

So we didn't out each other out of our respective miseries. We just laughed instead.


Heather said...

Indeed we did, my dear!

Next time we duel, I suggest we use whipped cream pies. Or water pistols. Or perhaps water ballooons.... I'm a fairly good shot with a water balloon! :D

Hope all's well with you and your right royal pain in the ahem!!

Sassy Britches said...

You guys are too cute! It's good to see the humor amongst the pain (literal and figurative!) :)

Stranded in Stepford said...

I'm glad you just laughed. Imagine the paperwork!! And given the complete liklihood that your 'special pain' would kick in at the wrong moment and foil your plan we might be dealing with police intervention. Now how the heck does one wire bail money to Australia anyway? Please explore that process before proceeding next time. Thanx!

Jen said...

That is too funny. I hope all is going well with the unpacking and your painful ass is not getting in the way too much.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Good luck with the unpacking, kiddo. Hope the pain in the proverbial stays out of sight for the next couple of weeks!

Crazy Sister said...

Well, it would be regarded as duelling, of course! Duels have been illegal in most countries since the early 1800s, with some exceptions.

I just Wikipedia-ed it and found records of duels in years like 1952, 1990, and even 2002, in places like France, Uruguay, Peru and Chile! Most modern duels seem to involve politicians... how come our politicians aren't that dashing?

CynthiaK said...

Was trying to think of something funny to add, but it's just not happening. All I can advise when working through a move between houses (with children) is lots and lots of really good wine. That will help your a$$, too.